Evan Williams Guest Lecture

Wednesday 18 January 2012, 5.15PM

Speaker(s): Evan Williams

What it’s like ...
Trying to make a film inside a military dictatorship ... like Burma?
Trying to make a film under fire ... in Iraq?
Trying to film undercover, running from the Russian authorities ... in Ingushetia?
The distinguished reporter and film-maker Evan Williams has done all of those things, and more ......and this is your chance to meet him.

Evan Williams will be joining us for an informal lecture and question-and-answer session.

Evan’s credits range from ‘Foreign Correspondent’ for the ABC in Australia, to ‘Dispatches’ and ‘Unreported World’ for Channel 4 in the UK. He’s worked in many of the world’s toughest and most dangerous environments, covering wars, political oppression and urban violence. 

This is your chance to find out what film-making is like when nobody wants to be seen on camera! And there’ll be some good war stories too.

Location: The Screening Room (TFTV/116), the Department of Theatre, Film and Television, Heslington East Campus, University of York

Admission: All welcome.

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