200-seat theatre

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This huge performance space has the same design as the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. It's packed with the latest state-of-the-art theatre technology, from cueing systems to the sophisticated lighting desk to the magnificent audio facilities. It has a large under-stage area, and a fly-tower above the stage.

It is available as a theatre for hire; for events; and as a shooting location. Specifications:

Stage inc get-by 125m²
Stalls 213m²
Accessways below stalls 48m²
Wings 22m²
Vomitories 17m²
Steel Flyfloor 10m²
Lighting gantries 84m²
Substage 120m²
28 m2 of control room & 10m2 laundry room

Like all the other spaces in the building, the theatre has full connectivity to every other area. So we can arrange to record any events in the theatre with up to five cameras; transmit live to anywhere in the world; and produce a full record of the event on DVD or Bluray.

Rates and contact

For a rate card and more details, please contact 

+44 (0)1904 325254