Rehearsal rooms

Both rooms have a simple overhead lighting grid, and can be set up for shoots with a green screen backing. We can supply audience seating as required.

Large rehearsal room

The large rehearsal room is the same size as the stage in the theatre - about 41' by 30', which is just over 12m by 9m. (Area: 120m2/1291 sq ft.)  It's suitable for performances and film shoots; it has some lights pre-rigged, and can be blacked out. This room is not completely sound-proof, but is fairly quiet

Small rehearsal room

The small rehearsal room is 33' by 27', which is just over 10m by 8m. (Area: 90m2/968 sq ft.)  It has a sprung floor, and is available for smaller performances and shoots. Again, it has some lights pre-rigged,and can be blacked out; and although not completely sound proof, is very quiet.

Rates and contact

For a rate card and more details, please contact
+44 (0)1904 325254