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The 3Sixty 

What is the 3Sixty?

The 3Sixty is a room in the Ron Cooke Hub with a square floor, full-wall projections onto all four sides, 32 loudspeakers, and computer control.

More specifically, it has 4 wide-screen data projectors each projecting at a resolution of 1920x1200 onto 8 metre diagonal screens, a 28.4 surround sound system, all controlled by a Windows 7 based high-performance workstation.

The 3Sixty can be used for high-impact presentations, lectures, seminars, meetings, testing and simulation of various kinds. It is available for internal and external use.

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How to use the 3Sixty


The easiest way to use the 3Sixty. Bring your JPEGs along on a memory stick, plug-in and play.


Plug your images and text into a PowerPoint template and then play.

  • Advice on using PowerPoint is available further down this page
  • PowerPoint templates are also available further down this page


These are created using post-production tools such as Adobe Premiere of Adobe AfterEffects. However, you can use any standard video postproduction package, provided it can render the 64:10 aspect ratio of the 3Sixty. Ideally it should render at 7680 x 1200 pixels so that the full resolution of the 3Sixty is achieved. You can produce sound using any audio rendering package.  

  • Advice on using Adobe AfterEffects is available further down this page
  • An Adobe AfterEffects template is also available further down this page
  • For any further queries, please contact

Rich interaction

The most sophisticated and arresting way to generate presentations. For further discussion on this please contact

  • The resources below provide advice and technical details for all aspects of design using the 3Sixty
  • Further advice may be found on the 3Sixty Handbook

3Sixty technical details and resources

Below is a list of techincal documents for the 3Sixty.




Book the 3Sixty

The 3Sixty can be used by individuals from within and outside the University. All interested parties should contact

Before using the 3Sixty you are required to undertake a short training session. This will only take about 30 minutes. Training sessions should be booked with Audio Visual.
Tel: +44 (0)1904 433035