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Power to the Populist: Your Wake Up Call

grey background with cartoon yellow sun. Inside the sun in white is the title 'Your Wake Up Call' with a blue phone. Surrounding the sun in different shade of grey are various pieces of camera equiptment

Thursday 13 May 2021, 7.15PM

Dates and Times:

Thursday 13th May 19:15

Friday 14th May 19:15

Part of Power To The Populist Festival - three new plays exploring the hidden politics of everyday life.

Tune in to Your Wake Up Call, the TV talk show that is about to receive it’s biggest scandal in decades. The show will ask the all important question: are populist politicians really ‘for the people’? 


Cast: Melissa Cartwright, Frances Colin, Jess Dale, Tom Mason, Liam Shaw and Amy Thorpe

Directors: Will Goodwin and Charlotte Hammond

Producers: Ione Vaughan and Harry Wade

Writers: Charlotte Bulleyment, Phoebe Critchlow, Annabel Lunney, Holly Mowatt and Charlotte Powell 

Dramaturgs: Fin Avison, Jared Donald and Connie Peel 

Stage Manager: Fin Avison

Deputy Stage Manager: Tom Spencer

Production Manager: Amy Thorpe

Set Designer: Holly Mowatt and Tom Spencer 

Costume Designers: Jared Donald

Lighting Designer: Phoebe Critchlow 

Sound Designer: Tom Mason

Press and Publicity Officer: Connie Peel 


Location: Online event via Zoom