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Power to the Populist: Promised Land

Gardening equipment, plants and broken biscuits lay on a wooden table. the title 'Promised Land' is in the top left corner in white. In the top right corner over a pair of gardening gloves, a hand holds a piece of paper that says 'No' while near the bottom left a hand holds a piece of paper that says 'Yes'.

Thursday 13 May 2021, 8.30PM

Dates and Times:

Thursday 13th 20:30 

Friday 14th 18:00 

Part of Power To The Populist Festival - three new plays exploring the hidden politics of everyday life.

Election time at the Green Bottom Allotment Society. A blossoming haven for those who love a good chat and a green thumb. Stick to the rules and you'll fit right in: 1. Refill the biscuit tin 2. Don't change the radio station 3. Never challenge the rules.


Cast: Zoe Freeman, Dan Nolan, Millie Gee Land, Piers Gilfillian, Ivy Magee, Lori Stott and Grace Williams

Director: Kit Draper

Producer: Phoebe Butcher

Assistant Director: Emily Youngson 

Writers: Lily Ball, Sophie Burton, Jen Marcus, Immie Roberts, Alp Yazici and Gill Yue

Dramaturgs: Aimee Sinclair and Emily Youngson

Stage Manager: Jen Marcus 

Deputy Stage Manager: Immie Roberts

Production Manager: Ivy Magee

Set Designer: Louis Ashpool 

Costume Designers: Millie Gee Land

Lighting Designer: Dan Nolan

Sound Designer: Sophie Burton

Press and Publicity Officer: Aimee Sinclair


Location: Online event via Zoom