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Power to the Populist: Miss Poppycock

Three red silhouette's of women stand in power poses on a pink background. Surrounding them are various quotes that reflect negatively on them in white, above them is a white crown. The words MISS POPPYCOCK are printed on the left hand side

Thursday 13 May 2021, 6.00PM

Dates and Times:

Thursday 13th May 18:00

Friday 14th May 20:30

Part of Power To The Populist Festival - three new plays exploring the hidden politics of everyday life.

In a dystopian world where popularity is power, there is an annual tradition to choose one new person to become part of the Elite. Through a pageant competition, contestants battle it out to win the popular vote of the audience, but how far are they willing to go to win?  


Cast: Becky Banner, Lorna Suzanne Elvin, Georgia Green, Izzy Rye, Juné P. Tiamatakorn and Qiushi Xiong

Directors: Lorna Capewell and Elle Slater  

Producers: Ellie Butcher and Alice Merritt

Writers: Becky Banner, Nathan Butler and Jamie Wilson-Law

Supporting Writers: Neve Carey, Kai Tanigaki and Beth Walker 

Dramaturg: Eva Nacci 

Supporting Dramaturgs: Emma Prestedge, Juné P. Tiamatakorn and Qiushi Xiong

Stage Manager: Beth Walker

Deputy Stage Manager: Emma Prestedge 

Production Manager: Emma Povey

Set Designer: Izzy Stevens

Costume Designers: Neve Carey and Georgia Green 

Lighting Designer: Emma Povey 

Sound Designer: Kai Tanigaki 

Press and Publicity Officer: Lorna Suzanne Elvin


Location: Online event via Zoom