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PG Symposium: Embracing Change

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Thursday 24 June 2021, 10.00AM to 18:15

After a period of great change, we are taking stock and considering the positives that have emerged from this challenging time. Work within the creative sector has become both more remote yet collaborative, live and digital. As we emerge into this blended world, how can we embrace change and foster creativity? How do we break down the barriers to opportunity for both artists and the audience? What part will digital innovation play in enabling a fairer future for all?

A series of live and pre-recorded presentations, including mini-lectures, performances, short films, installations, VR and interactive experiences. Join the discussion by following and using the hashtag #TFTIPGS21 on Twitter.


Panel One 10:00 – 11:10: Communities chaired by Emma Pett

Paper 1: First person point of view: attention and distraction in a survey of live and live streamed theatre audiences (Paula van Beek, Whiteria Stage and Screen programme, Te  Auaha: NZ Institute of Creativity). 

Paper 2: A Word In Your Ear: Reimagining Community Drama as Site-Specific Audio Drama (Kate Valentine, TFTI, UoY). 

Paper 3: "What do you miss most?” - An interactive theatre performance using Twine (Dominic Chamayou-Douglas, TFTI, UoY). 

Panel Two 11:20 – 12:55: Gender & Identity chaired by Kristyn Gorton

Paper 1: Women on the Edge: Feminism and Selfhood in Mystery Television (Sarah Lahm, TFTI, UoY). 

Paper 2: Storytelling and Cultural Identity in Arab Animation (Tala Linjawi, TFTI, UoY). 

Paper 3: Truth Justice, and her Feminine Wiles: The Effect of Female Agency on Justice in  American Conspiracy Film (Tracy Matthewson, TFTI, UoY). 

Paper 4: I Still Believe in Heroes': Creating a Contemporary Mythology in the Marvel  Cinematic Universe. (Irene Zubio, TFTI, UoY) 

Lunch break: 13:00-14:00 

Panel Three 14:00 – 15:35: Communication & Inclusivity chaired by Mariana Lopez

Paper 1: Real-time audio description for live streamed games: an early Minecraft prototype (David Libeau, TFTI UoY). 

Paper 2: How to tackle the challenges of Audio Description for television in Thailand (Kulnaree Sueroj, TFTI, UoY).

Paper 3: "And in This Corner...": A Review of the Unwavering Character Types in the Sports Feature Film (Jacob Mulgrew, TFTI, UoY)

Paper 4: Sports Commentary on Football Clubs’ Live-stream Channels: A case study of  Liverpool vs Chelsea (4th March, 2021) (Siqi Liu, TFTI, UoY). 

Panel Four 15:45 – 16:55: New Technologies chaired by Debbie Maxwell

Paper 1: R.U.R - Creating the Virtual Musical (Mary Stewart-David, TFTI, UoY). 

Paper 2: Digitising Theatre: A Foundation Framework Design Guide for Translating Theatre  Theory into VR (Daniel Lock, TFTI, UoY) 

Paper 3: Sonic Interaction in Immersive Theatre Performance (Xiaojie Xie, TFTI, UoY) 

Paper 4: Arts Based Community Making During a Global Pandemic - Improvisation Across  the Lifespan (Jemma Llewellyn / Ben Finley / Reza Yazdanpanah, University of Guelph,  Canada).

Key Note Speakers 17:15 - 18:15

Key Note Speakers for the PG Symposium 2021 will be George Simons (RSC Producer) and Professor Jonathan Freeman, Goldsmiths, University of London, who will be discussing the development of the RSC's immersive performance Dream and how it was received by a worldwide audience. If you would like to watch the performance, please see the tab to the left.

For more details on the PG Symposium Speakers, please visit the PG Symposium Website. We recommend you watch RSC's interactive production Dream prior to the Symposium, which you can also watch on a link that can be found on the PG Symposium website. This link and the recording is the property of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Links to join via zoom will be sent out one hour before the event starts.


Location: Online via Zoom