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  • Date and time: Monday 1 October 2018, 9.00am to - 5.30pm
  • Location: Hospitium / Museum Gardens, York

Event details

With Play the Future the Digital Creativity Labs and the Department of Theatre, Film and TV at the University of York bring their latest inventions, experiments and creative works to the Continue symposium, an ambitious two-day melting pot of ideas at the York Mediale 2018.

Interact with virtual jellyfish who will teach you about the challenges of waste plastic, hone your French Grammar skills to retain your cover as a secret agent, view the University campus through the eyes of water pistol wielding Geese in game ‘Capture the Campus’ and put your storytelling to the test in Ben Tailby’s ‘Online Consequences’.

The leading researchers in games and interactive media share their completed projects and works-in-progress to inspire you to explore innovation at the intersection of application of games, storytelling, eSports, broadcast and the rich space where they converge.

Digital Creativity Labs (DC Labs) is an interdisciplinary laboratory and think tank focusing on research and innovation in games, interactive media and the rich space where they converge.

Building on a major (£18 million) investment by three UK research councils, four universities, and over 80 collaborative partner organisations from industry, government and the third sector, we bring together over 30 world-class researchers across creative and scientific disciplines and take a multidisciplinary approach to tackling research challenges with a focus on real-world impact. We provide our partners with new perspectives, leading to highly innovative ideas, technologies and solutions.

Admission: FREE. All welcome.