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On Ego

  • Date and time: Thursday 5 February 2015, 7.30pm to 7 february 2015
  • Location: Black Box (TFTV/046) at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television
  • Admission: £5 students, £8 non-students

Event details

What would you do if I offered you the chance to travel anywhere in the world, in a teleporter?
You can just press a button and be sent wherever you want. All the information that makes up 'you' is scanned, mapped and sent to a place of your choosing. Each atom, every never, all neurones are plotted and rebuilt exactly. You will be replicated at your chosen destination, all of your memories, desires, conscious and unconscious thoughts intact.
Would you press the button?
However, there is a catch. The moment you press the button, your present body will be  vaporised, destroyed, wiped out of existence. Although you have been replicated exactly, two people cannot live one life. The 'you' that presses the button must be terminated so that 'you' can step out onto a beach in the Caribbean, or a pizza joint in New York, or even just get to work on time. 
So, would you press the button?
On Ego by Michael Gordon manages to merge the worlds of philosophy, psychology, neurology, and theatre, creating a unique multi-media experience. Questions such as, 'is there such a thing as a 'self'?' and 'what makes you, you?' are made accessible through the use of audio-visuals, physical theatre, and the charmingly human story-telling of three characters. On Ego provides us a rare chance to see something truly thought provoking. Supported by an endowment from the York Performance Award.
On Ego will be taking place on Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th February, at 7:30pm, 
Black Box Theatre, Department of Theatre, Film and Television
Tickets will also be on sale in the TFTV Foyer on Friday the 6th of February between 12-2pm.
Tickets can also be purchased online at the York Store (