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  • Date and time: Thursday 6 March 2014, 7.30pm
  • Location: Thursday 6 March and Saturday 8 March 2014 in the Scenic Stage Theatre, Department of Theatre, Film and Televison, University of York, Heslington East Campus
  • Admission: Tickets are available to purchase either on-line or between 12.00 - 14.00hrs at Vanbrugh stalls and the TFTV foyer. Ticket prices are Students £5 and Adults £8, why not purchase a combined ticket for The Illusion and Tartuffe performances Students £7.50 and Adults £12

Event details

The University of York presents Pierre Corneille's The Illusion, adapted by Tony Kuschner, prize winning playwright of Angels in America.

Magic, mystery and betrayal.  Join Pridamant as he journeys into the dark and mysterious world of sorcery to discover news of his estranged son.  Faith will be tested as reality and illusions collide revealing the shrouded state where love and loathing are intertwined.  But in this dangerous world, can the supernatural be trusted?  Or is the price for knowledge too powerful to bear?  Discovery and love bring this early modern dark comedy to an unexpected climax where reality itself is questioned.

This intensely intriguing drama is drenched in suspense and uncertainty leaving the question as to "What in this world is real and not seeming?"


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  ‌ Illusion dress rehearsal 1


Illusion dress rehearsal 4

Illusion dress rehearsal 2   ‌     

Illusion dress rehearsal 3







Illusion rehearsals