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  • Date and time: Friday 5 July 2013, 10.00am
  • Location: Department of Theatre, Film and Television, University of York, Heslington East
  • Admission: The event is free but there is a catch! You will need to email a registration request to and include in the email your definition of sound design in just a few lines, and your preferred sound design example (this could come from film, tv, products, games, sonic art, etc.) - you could just describe it, or send a link to it, but please do not send files!

Event details

We must break this restricted circle of pure sounds and conquer the infinite variety of noise-sounds (Luigi Russolo, The Art of Noises, 1913)

One hundred years ago futurist artist Luigi Russolo invented mechanical synthesizers, called Intonarumori, capable of producing and controlling noise-sounds.
This, together with the emergence of recording technology, marked the beginning of Sound Design.
Nowadays the term Sound Design is used in many domains: academic research, university courses, commercial websites, film credits, job descriptions, etc.
But what does it mean to ‘design sound’? How does it differ from music? What are the disciplines and skills involved?
This symposium brings together leading international academics, researchers and practitioners to discuss the definition and boundaries of the emergent field of sound design.
This is a unique opportunity to delve into the interdisciplinarity of the field and to gain an appreciation of the interconnections between different perspectives on sound design.

Speakers include:

Dr Patrick Susini, Head of the Sound Perception and Design team, IRCAM, Paris

Larry Sider, sound designer and Director of the School of Sound symposium

Prof. Davide Rocchesso, Chair of the EU project on Sonic Interaction Design, IUAV University of Venice

Dr Gianluca Sergi, author of The Dolby era: film sound in contemporary Hollywood, Manchester University Press, Nottingham University.

Neil Hillman, film and television sound designer, ADR mixer and location recordist (credits include Lincoln, New York I Love You, Spooks, The Gadget Show and many more)

Andy Farnell, computer scientist and author of the book Designing Sound, MIT Press.

Symposium chair: Dr Sandra Pauletto, Department of Theatre, Film and Television


Dr Patrick Susini, Larry Sider, Prof. Davide Rocchesso, Dr Gianluca Sergi, Neil Hillman and Andy Farnell