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  • Date and time: Friday 24 May 2013, 9.45am
  • Location: Holbeck Cinema - Department of Theatre, Film and Television
  • Admission: Open to all

Event details

"How to make films without losing your soul"

Pip has been making documentary and feature films for the past 15 years. His films try to tell honest and authentic stories. He prefers small teams and lower budgets with high artistic vision that place creativity at their heart and not just business. Pip will discuss the production of his latest film, Last Shop Standing, a documentary which charts the rise, fall and rebirth of the independent record shop in Britain. His presentation will include an account of how the film was financed through the crowd-funding website, Indiego, and will be followed by a screening of the film and a Q&A session with the director.

Featuring Presentations on:

Nation, heritage and nostalgia on film
Acting on stage and screen
Cinema and Politics
Representing the 'real'

4th Annual Postgraduate Symposium Programme 24 May 2013 (MS Word , 1,591kb)

To register for this event: please complete the Symposium Registration Form (MS Word , 37kb) and e-mail it to:



Pip Piper, Independent producer and filmmaker