Welcome to the York Medieval Yearbook. The essays contained in this yearbook are a selection of the best essays presented by students reading for the degree of MA in Medieval Studies at the Centre for Medieval Studies of the University of York. The MA programme comprises two different pathways, viz. Early Medieval Studies and Late Medieval Studies, though students choose from a range of courses within each of these pathways. Each student is required to write three essays during the course of the Autumn and Spring terms. Each essay is required to be in a different discipline (literature, art history, history or archaeology) or, in the case of Early Medieval Studies, one of the essays is interdisciplinary. This means that students regularly write one or more essays in a discipline that is hitherto unfamiliar. Students are often pleasantly surprised how well they can do in these new disciplines.

The selection of essays offered here attempts to show something of the range of work produced, both chronologically and in terms of subject matter, and obviously only one essay has been chosen from each student represented. All these essays achieved high marks from the pertinent external examiners (as well as internal examiners). They are reproduced here as presented and without any further revision either in the light of the examiners' comments or further research. Students go on to research and write a dissertation of up to 20,000 words. Many of these are of an interdisciplinary nature, though this is not a formal requirement. Although the best work is often produced by students who performed very well on their essays, some excellent dissertations are also written by other students, some of whom go on to work for higher degrees within the Centre for Medieval Studies or one of the parent departments.
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