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These pages are intended for complete beginners to web page writing/design.
If you have basic word processing and computer navigation skills (know how to write a Word or WordPerfect file, and how to place the saved file in a folder) then you can learn simple web page construction in about two hours. In addition, these lessons encourage you to think about the underlying format of the pages, in order to encourage the beginnings of web literacy.
As a start, next time you are browsing a web page, check on the source code by clicking the menu on VIEW- (PAGE) SOURCE. While web pages are becoming more complex, the majority still use the basic formula of HTML.
Check out this page now, and then later when you have written your first page.
Although these lessons teach only basic HTML, it's possible to do a great deal by playing and stretching the capabilities of the code and by using and assessing hypertext links. If you get hooked, there are web design books in the Wired Women's Studies Room in Grimston House, the computimg service offer a variety of excellent courses, and I also suggest web sites that offer good tutorials.

web pages

Start with the basics:
first web page
simple formatting
linking web texts
inserting images