Accessibility statement

Undergraduate Study

Natural Sciences offers you the chance to study combinations of complementary subjects and allows you to explore the exciting developments that happen where these boundaries meet.

All our courses are available as three year BSc, or four year MSci courses.


Our academic subject leaders have designed these Natural Sciences courses in a way that provides a greater breadth towards the start of your degree and greater depth towards its end. Four specialisation programmes have been designed to enable you to focus on the area which you are most passionate about in your final year.

You will study three or four subjects in the first year, then choose any two of those subjects to continue in the second year, and then specialise in a single subject in the third year (and fourth year if you follow the MSci programme). 

Archaeology/ Biology/ Environment 




Placement/Industry Year

placement year is structured work experience opportunity that can be integrated into your studies. They are a great way of developing your employability skills while getting a flavour of a particular working environment.

Any students who specialise in Chemistry in their fourth year of an MSci are eligible to apply for a year in industry directly through the Chemistry department.


The most exciting research is increasingly taking place at the interfaces between the traditional disciplines, not least since the big global challenges that we face are complex problems that demand multifaceted solutions. To embed this trend of being comfortable doing science in different ways is core to the philosophy of the Natural Sciences programmes at York.

Our 'interdisciplinary' courses have been designed to focus on areas of particular research and/or teaching strength at York. They each involve studying in multiple departments throughout the programme of study.

Mathematical Bioscience


Year Abroad

year abroad is a great way to add an enriching dimension to your studies, enhance your CV and explore the world with our global opportunities. You'll develop your leadership skills, cultural awareness and self-confidence while making new friends.

Any students who specialise in Chemistry in their fourth year of an MSci are eligible to apply for a year abroad directly through the Chemistry department.

The School will fund Languages for All (LFA) courses for those students taking a year abroad for their placement year in Chemistry (MChem) in line with single subject students. We will also fund LFA courses for those students taking a year abroad with a language requirement in the penultimate year of their BSc or MSci degree.