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Students' guide to results day

Who better to tell you about results day than our students who've recently been through it themselves.

We understand that the lead up to receiving your results can be an anxious time. That's why we've asked our current students to share their results day stories with you and offer tips for preparing for the big day.

"It's also important to be surrounded by the right people. I chose to be with friends, who were going through the same thing, and there were teachers around to either celebrate with you or to help if the news wasn't good (and there are always some people that applies to)."

Bethany, Final-year Film and TV Production student. Read Bethany's blog.

"My one piece of advice: be proud of what you've achieved because you've achieved something incredible even if it's not exactly what you wanted."

Katy, 3rd Year Accounting, Business Finance and Management student. Read Katy's blog.

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Two of our current students, Alexander and Jasmine, discuss their gap year experiences and reveal the ups and downs of taking a break before university.