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Apprentice learners

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Careers and Placements is open to all current students, providing information, advice and guidance on employment, career planning and skills development. Although you are already in employment, we have resources to help you with your personal development during your time at university and as you consider how your career will progress in the future.  Your employer may also provide a continuing professional development programme.

What we offer

  • Our website contains lots of useful information about what we can offer you, including:
  • Events programme - most of our events are open to all students (department restrictions apply to some).
  • Appointments - if you want to talk to one of the Careers and Placements team we have drop-ins (no need to book) and a range of appointments you can book in advance; you can choose to book an online or face-to-face appointment, or you can send in a question via Handshake.
  • Your employment rights - key issues covering employment in the UK
  • Applying and interviewing - find out about the different stages from application to interview; use our online tool, CareerSet to improve your CV, and make sure you're prepared for progression when the opportunity arises.
  • Networking - making positive contacts at university and at work; if you don't already have a LinkedIn profile, the LinkedIn student guides can help you get started.
  • Volunteering can be a great opportunity to develop your skills further, contribute to the local community and meet students from other parts of the university.

Most of your time will be spent off campus, but you can still access support - see our page for Online and distance learners for more information on how to do this.


During your time at university, you will find you are using existing skills, developing new skills, and learning more about yourself as you face the challenges of combining work and study. Skills important at university and in the workplace include time management, IT and study skills, resilience and self-awareness - see the links below for resources, training and support.

  • Time management - a key skill in any context, and one you are likely to use a lot as you manage your work and studies
  • Study skills - guides and support to help you develop these skills
  • IT skills - guides to using IT at York, and information about workshops
  • Reflection and reflective writing - a reflective approach will be useful in your studies and in your workplace setting
  • Self-awareness - make use of our online resource, Team Focus, and try the tests for personality preferences and emotional resilience. You will need to register using your University of York email address and a new password (Do not use your UoY password) in order to access the tests. Note: if you have a specific learning styles framework for your course, the learning styles test will not be applicable to you.

Looking after yourself

Balancing the demands of a job and study (and other commitments) can be challenging. Make sure you look after yourself. See the links below for advice on wellbeing, and how to seek help if you need it: