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York Strengths Programme for Undergraduates

Postgraduates see the York Strengths Programme for Postgraduates.

What is the York Strengths Programme?

This programme, designed specifically for York Students, aims to help you identify your personal strengths and understand how you can make the most of your strengths to achieve your full potential.  York Strengths will help you take charge of your own career journey by giving you:

  • insight into where you are now
  • help in building your confidence
  • a vision of where you might want to go
  • ideas of how best to use your time as a student to help you get there.

All first year undergraduates are automatically enrolled to participate in the York Strengths Programme.

The York Strengths Programme has three main components:

Online Discovery

An online exercise that allows you to respond naturally to familiar situations and scenarios, resulting in a feedback report outlining your top 3 strengths and giving you tips for further development. Unique and personal to you, it will provide a foundation to build on throughout your time at York. This exercise is not timed - it can be completed in 30 minutes, however you can take as much time as you need.  

When: York Strengths Discovery will be available from the start of the spring term. You should aim to complete this if possible before your York Strengths Development Day.

Access Online Discovery (log-in required)

Note: you will need your University username and password to access the Online Discovery information and will then be directed to a new page to create your Online Discovery account.

York Strengths Development Day

This is a day of insightful activities, self-discovery and 1-1 feedback, to help you understand your strengths. You will be invited to attend a York Strengths Development Day during your first year.

You'll work in small groups with a trained Observer helping you to understand your personal strengths in a safe, supportive environment. The day will:

  • provide you with feedback on your personal strengths
  • help you assess your personal strengths and your own readiness for the graduate labour market
  • build your confidence in exploring possible career directions that align with your strengths
  • help you know what steps to take during your time at York to continue to grow your strengths and move towards a successful and rewarding graduate career.

When: York Strengths Development Day bookings 2019 are now open. Check the available dates and sign up (log-in required).

To be sure to secure your preferred day we advise booking as soon as possible. If you book before 20 May, and attend the Day, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a Your Bus 66 Annual Ticket!

Prize draw terms and conditions

Prize draw

To be sure to secure your preferred day we advise booking as soon as possible. If you book before the 20 May, and attend the Day, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a Your Bus 66 Annual Ticket!
  • You have to be a University of York first year undergraduate student eligible for the York Strengths Development Day
  • You have to sign up for a York Strengths Development Day by 5pm on Monday 20 May via the Careers Gateway
  • You have to attend the full York Strengths Development Day on your chosen date
  • If you book a date and need to change after the 20 May, you will still be eligible for the draw as long as you attend a York Strengths Development Day in June 2019

York Award

The York Award is a certificate of the University that demonstrates to employers that you have taken a proactive approach to life at university, going beyond your academic studies to enhance your own personal development. It is a great addition to your CV, helping you to pull together and reflect on your experiences and present them in a way that will appeal to employers.

The York Award provides an opportunity to reflect on:

  • Work experience: including internships, part-time or summer vacation work and work shadowing
  • Volunteering: getting involved in giving something back to the community
  • Personal interests: the extra-curricular clubs and societies that you have participated in
  • Your progress through the York Strengths Programme

University life is about much more than your degree. There are so many opportunities to enhance your skills and make you attractive to employers. The York Award provides a framework for reflecting on your experiences.

When: Applications for the first stage of the York Award open in Autumn Term of your second year. For more information on the York Award and how you can apply, please visit the York Award web page.

At the end of the York Strengths programme you will have:

  • Greater confidence in planning the next steps towards finding and securing your preferred career destination
  • An action plan of objectives to work on
  • An appreciation of the work experience and personal and professional development opportunities available to you at York, to make the most of your remaining time at university

By engaging with York Strengths you agree to your data being used as outlined here

The University has engaged the services of an industry leader to provide a professional development service for our students. On registration, your name and York email address will be shared with the service provider who will manage the online York Strengths Discovery exercise.

As part of that exercise, a feedback report will be generated for you by the provider and will be shared with the University for purposes of supporting your personal and professional development. This report will also be used to produce aggregate statistics to allow the University to better understand student needs and to create and tailor University service provision accordingly.

Data gathered during the York Strengths Development Day will be collated by a coach who will be observing you throughout and will be analysed by the same industry leader. Again, a copy of this report will be given to you and shared with the University for the purposes outlined in the paragraph above.  

All information will be managed in accordance with the University’s Data Protection Policy. For further information, see, www.york.ac.uk/records-management/dp/policy/.

Find out more about the nine strengths.

If you have any questions about the programme please email award@york.ac.uk. If there are strong reasons why you believe this initiative is inappropriate for you, please let us know by emailing the same address and we can explore these with you.