York Award for First Years (stage one)

York Award Applications by College

Help your college win the York Award Trophy - Apply for the York Award now!

What is the York Award?

The York Award is a formal award of the University.

Why should I apply for the York Award?
1. It's a great way to demonstrate to employers that you have been proactive whilst at University, developing as a student and future employee.  You will receive a certificate if you pass.
2. You may have the chance to apply for an Achieving Excellence Bursary worth £2,100.  If you tick the relevant box on your York Award application you'll be sent a short follow up form in Summer Term (Please see the above web link for assessment criteria).
3. You will get the opportunity to take part in York Futures, a new employer-endorsed personal development day in Summer Term.  This will be a unique and exciting way to consolidate all you have done so far and plan for your future.  Places are limited to 1000, so make sure you register for the York Award now by starting your application!

To gain the York Award (stage one) you need to complete a York Award application form for first years (deadline 5pm Tuesday 2 May, week 3 of Summer Term) telling us about the range of activities you have undertaken in first year.  It is similar to a job application. You need to demonstrate that you have been pro-active, taking on some extracurricular activities and attending events that help to develop your transferable skills (including communication, team working, self-management, problem solving, contributing to the University community, employer engagement).

Go to the Assessment Process page for more information about the application form.

Still working on your application? Not started yet? Come to a "Get it done!" session

Drop in any time to complete your application in a computer room, with a member of the Careers team on hand to answer your questions:

Wednesday 26 April, 13.00 - 19.00, LMB/008 (Law and Management, Campus East)

Thursday 27 April, 13.00 - 19.00, G/169 (James College, Campus West)

How much should I be doing?

There are no set rules but for a good application we would suggest you undertake two or three activities with some level of commitment eg. joining a society, a College Committee, being a student ambasador, having a part time job or volunteering, plus some one-offs like visiting a Careers Fair or a College event.  Activities can be on or off campus, eg. a job back home during vacations (Christmas and Easter).  You can also talk about your academic studies and your experiences of life at University.  Everything in your application must relate to the current academic year.

See what others did by watching our York Award video.

Ultimately you need to explain in the application form how the activities or experiences have helped you to develop certain skills.  Here's what three successful students did...

"I was working part time in a local bar and also volunteered by doing an @Work project.  I wrote about my degree course for a couple of the skills and about life at University - managing my busy timetable has developed my planning skills!"

"I joined the York Hornets in Autumn term and loved it!  I also did an LFA course in Italian.  I went to a Careers Fair and became a Student Ambassador for my department in Spring term, helping out with events."

I'm a mature student with a family.  I wrote about the skills I use to juggle a young family and full time study.  I also attended several mature student focus groups and Careers events as it was important to get involved in life at university.  I arranged some work shadowing at a local council as part of my Social Work degree.

For inspiration on campus, try some of the links below...

College activities

Clubs and Societies

Make the most of you!

Skills sessions

We run courses to help you develop valuable skills.  You can book a place on a course through Careers Gateway.

York Award star

The York Award star highlights activities and events that will help you develop key York Award skills.  But you can use examples from any activities on your application, with or without the star.

York Futures Scholarship - if you successfully complete stage one of the York Award you may be eligible to apply for a bursary worth £2100, given by alumni and friends of York.  Check out the criteria on the AEB page.   

Got any questions?  Email: award@york.ac.uk


"It's a great way to develop your understanding of your strengths and skills.  Plus you can see all your achievements throughout your time at university!"

- York Award graduate.

If you see the York Award star it means those activities and events will help you develop key York Award skills.  But you can use examples from any activities on your application, with or without the star.

York Futures Scholarship - if you are a first year you might be eligible to receive a bursary worth £2100, given by alumni and friends of York.  You need to already be in receipt of the York Bursary and complete the York Award plus an extra application.  Check out the criteria on the AEB page.

Contact us with York Award questions: award@york.ac.uk