I‌nspiring Minds - Primary School Project

Inspiring Minds is led by York Cares and aims to inspire disadvantaged children, aged 7 – 11. Collaborating with employers, student teams will deliver workshops which bring university studies and the world of work to life for the pupils and in doing, so boost confidence, develop creativity and foster a love of learning. Our summer term projects include: Travel and Sustainability with Northern Rail, Law and Justice with North Yorkshire Police and Magistrates in the Community and Marketing and Retail with York Designer Outlet. 

Opinionate - Secondary School Project

In 2017 York Human Rights City Network declared York the first Human Rights City in the UK. The network aspires to promote a community where institutions, organisations, businesses and individuals can debate, learn, understand, embrace and apply human rights principles to their daily lives. This project is part of their Opinionate programme, working with young people in the city through the York Independent State School Partnership to educate, empower and inspire action around human rights. Collaborating with these project partners, student teams will plan, design and deliver two workshops for Year 7-9 pupils, based around human rights case studies. 

Applications for these projects have now closed. Thank you to all those who applied!