I‌nspiring Minds - Primary School Projects

Inspiring Minds is led by York Cares and aims to inspire disadvantaged children, aged 7 – 11. Collaborating with employers, student teams will deliver workshops which bring university studies and the world of work to life for the pupils and in doing, so boost confidence, develop creativity and foster a love of learning. 

2018 Projects 

Apply in Spring Term, deliver in Summer Term

Travel and Sustainability: Inspire young people to think about the future of travel - includes a trip on the trains to go behind the scenes of Arriva Rail North.

Marketing and RetailShare with the pupils the princpals of marketing and help them to design their own shops to pitch to retail executives - includes a trip to the York Designer Outlet.


  • Attend 3 training workshops in project planning and lesson planning and delivery, with feedback from the PGCE team at the University of York
  • Attend client meetings with the employer and the school to discuss lesson and trip ideas
  • Deliver 2 classroom based workshops (each 1/2 a day) and support employee volunteers to deliver the class trip 
  • Debrief: tbc

For full details and to apply visit York Students in Schools on Careers Gateway

Any questions? Email ysis@york.ac.uk