Classroom Assistants 

Being a classroom assistant is the foundation of York Students in Schools. Each term schools ask us for support in their classrooms. This could be with a specific subject, assistance with one to one reading, supporting a pupil with special educational needs or just being an extra pair of hands to help! 

As a classroom assistant you will be a role model to young people, discover more about the city you are studying in and gain experience to boost your skills and confidence to build your CV. There is no previous experience necessary and you can get involved at any stage of your university career.  


  • Placement: Autumn Term, half a day a week for 8 to 9 weeks (no placement during half term)
  • Pre-placement training (1.5 hours, Week 9 or 10 Summer Term)
  • Undertake a DBS check as soon as you apply

Apply via Careers Gateway

Any questions? Email or visit our Student Managers in Careers and Placements 11.45-1.15 Monday-Friday

Your placement - step by step guide


  •  Apply via the Careers Gateway

  • DBS Check

As soon as you have applied, please start the process of applying for a DBS check. This will allow enough time for you to find the required documents and send and receive your certificate, in time to start your placement next term.

Tip: You must have applied for your DBS certificate by the end of Week 8, the term before you are getting started on placement.

  • Matching

Once applications close, the team will look over your application and match you to a suitable placement. You will hear the outcome of your application by the end of Week 9 in the term that you apply. You will only be matched to a placement if you have submitted your DBS application.

  • Training

You must attend a pre-placement training session in Week 9 or 10 of the term that you apply, so are you prepared to get started in Week 1 of the following term!

  • Developing your Skills

Throughout your placement you will have a logbook to help you record your experiences and keep track of what you are learning and the skills you are developing. Remember that work experience placements like these are excellent experience for future employment.

"Regardless of whether you wish to become a teacher or not, completing a school placement is a thoroughly enjoyable experience which also helps to improve your employability" - Third Year English Student and School Volunteer.


How to apply

You can apply via the Careers Gateway.

Take a look at the document below to see which year groups and subjects are available to work with. The application form (accessed via the Careers Gateway) will ask you for details about your location, year group and school preferences, to help the team place you with a placement that works for you.

School Placement Choices Document (PDF  , 268kb)

Please note that the team will do our best to take your preferences into account, but cannot guarantee your first choice of placement.

To finalise your application...

1. Make sure you have completed a DBS check as soon as you've submitted your application form by attending a DBS clinic or SMG drop-in shift in Careers and Placements.


If you already have a clear DBS check that is less than three years old and was undertaken by the University (the certificate will state UNIVERSITY OF YORK if that is the case) then please bring this in to show one of the team as soon as possible during any SMG drop-in shift.

2. Book your slot for pre-placement training - it is a compulsory part of the programme! Find out more in the 'DBS Check & Training' tab.

DBS Check & Training

Criminal Record (DBS) Check

All volunteers must obtain a criminal records check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) by attending a DBS clinic or SMG drop-in shift. You may find it useful to read our DBS FAQ pages before you come in to see the team.

How do I get a DBS certificate?

New applicants must:

  1. Apply for a placement via the online form before attending a DBS session.

  2. Collect three pieces of ID, including one that shows a current address, so that we can complete a check (Click here for guidance).

  3. Sign up to and attend a DBS clinic or turn up to an SMG drop-in shift.


Already have a DBS certificate?

You must bring your certificate to an SMG drop-in shift between 11.45 am - 1.15 pm in Careers and Placements, to be checked by the team, even if we helped you complete your application form. You should do this before you start your placement.

International students

If you are an international student who has been resident in the UK for less than a year, you will need to produce a translated police check / certificate of good conduct from your own country in addition to a DBS check. Get advice at It is your responsibility to procure this check and show it to the York Students in Schools team. Chinese students may find the following helpful: Obtaining a criminal check from China (PDF  , 138kb).


Book on to a DBS Clinic & Training Session

Use this tab to book on to a DBS clinic (unless you are attending an SMG drop-in shift instead) and a pre-placement training session.

Training is only for new applicants and is an essential part of the programme - students who have already undertaken a placement need not attend. If this is your first placement in school, you must come to training before you start your placement.


DBS Clinic

Week 6 - Wednesday 23 May (between 2pm and 4pm)


Book Now

DBS Clinic

Week 7 - Tuesday 31 May (between 3pm and 5pm) V/C/109


    Book Now

Pre-placement Training Session

Week 9 - Wednesday 13 June (3.30pm-5pm) D/L/036

Pre-placement Training Session

Week 10 - Tuesday 19 June (3pm-4.30pm) D/L/036

Pre-placement Training Session

Week 10 - Thursday 21 June (10.30am-12pm)  D/L/036

For locations and directions to of all the rooms above, please use the interactive campus map.

If you can't attend any of the above and still need to do your training, please email

On Placement...

What will happen once I'm offered a place?

Initial visit

Your school will request an initial visit, typically during Week 1 of the following term, where you will attend your allocated school with other students and meet the school's 'link teacher'. The Volunteering Team will be in contact with you regarding this visit. During the visit you willl meet the teacher you will be working with and arrange your start date and placement timetable.

Your first session

You should aim to start your placement as soon as possible after your intial visit. It is your responsibility to arrange this once we have put you in contact with the school. Once you have attended your first school session, please fill in the following form to let the Volunteering Team know.

I have completed my first school session.


Placement Checklist

On your placement you should take with you your:

  • Badge
  • Logbook
  • Student ID Card

During your placement please complete:

Drop-ins & Travel


Please note that drop-ins are term time only. If you need to see us outside of term, please email and one of our team will arrange a time to meet you.

Every Monday - Friday during term time between 11.45am and 1.15pm, our dedicated schools area in the Careers and Placements building is looked after by our fantastic School Management Group. You can drop-in here to ask questions about your application and placement, or complete a DBS check. Once your certificate arrives we will also ask you to come in and see the team to show them your clear check. 

When you finish your placement, the Student Management Team will have a quick chat with you about how your placement went and sign-off your placement log book.

Travelling to your placement

Bike, car, bus or legs...

Please try to walk or cycle to your placement. If your school is not within walking distance of the university campus, the Volunteering Team will reimburse your travel expenses. To find out if you are eligible for travel reimbursement please see our School travel list (PDF  , 213kb)School Travel List (PDF  , 234kb)

Bus Tickets

If your school is not within walking distance of campus we will provide you with day rider bus tickets, which are usable on all First Bus Routes. You can collect your first 5 tickets at an SMG drop-in shift (11.45am - 1.15pm in Careers and Placements) from Week 1 of the term you start your placement.

When you run out, please bring in your used bus ticket receipts/cards to exchange for enough tickets to complete your placement.

Travelling by car

We will reimburse reasonable car mileage from the central York area to our placement schools for which there is no established bus route.

However, if there is an established bus route to your school and you chose to drive, we will only reimburse up to £20 for mileage, and only if the school is outside walking distance of the university. If you live outside the central York area we will reimburse you from the university postcode to your school.

How to claim for petrol expenses

  1. Create an online account with the University - Student account 
  2. Complete just one travel expense claim form (you can calculate miles travelled using google maps) - Travel claim 1 (PDF  , 160kb)
  3. Bring your expenses form in to Careers and Placements during an SMG drop-in shift

If you have any questions please contact us at

What's Next?

What can I do after my placement?

We hope you enjoyed your York Students in Schools placement! Whether it has inspired you to teach, put you in another direction or developed your communication skills and confidence, here are some potential next steps...

Challenge Yourself

One placement may not always be enough for you to make up your mind! Why not challenge yourself by taking part in a school project, after-school club or a York Students in Communities placement? Remember that every school is different, so you may also want to consider another placement with a different age group or subject area.

Careers in Education and Teaching

If you've been inspired to make a difference to young people's learning, check out the following pages to help you explore your options:

Finding a Career that's right for you...

Sometimes trying new things can be valuable because it helps you decide what you don't want to do. Whichever direction you decide to take or whatever stage you are at in your planning, Careers and Placements is here to help you. Find out which appointment is right for you here.

P‌lease get in touch with the volunteering team any time if you have a question or concern. Contact June at or call 01904 322840.