We have a variety of coaching roles available over the year, with a lower commitment than our regular placements and projects. As a coach you will help facilitate activities led by teachers or employers, acting as a role model and sounding board for groups of secondary school pupils. 

Option 1: Project DARE - Mental health awareness campaign

Short term coaches are needed on Tuesday morning Week 6-10 to help support Year 10 pupils complete a problem solving challenge set by an employer and deliver a short activity around University life. Benenden healthcare will be setting the challenge this term to raise awareness of mental health in schools. 


Training: 1 hour, Tuesday 7 November (Week 7), 11am

Sessions: 4 hours a week, Tuesday 14, 21, 28 November (Week 8-10), 9am - 1pm

Debrief: tbc 

For full details and to apply visit Careers Gateway 'Exclusive Opportunities at York'

Please note we will be recruiting coaches termly for this project.

Option 2: York Mathematical Excellence Club (y=mx+c)‌

Become a University of York maths coach and support gifted mathematicians age 13-14 from across the City of York. y=mx+c meets once a half term at the University of York and is led by the Independent States Schools Partnership. Each session you will work through a series of maths problems and puzzles, and talk about mathematical topics that aren’t in the usual maths curriculum. 


  • Training session in Autumn term
  • 2 hours, twice a term to attend the Club.
  • Poster event, 4.30pm – 8pm, 10 May, PT006/7

For full details and to apply visit Careers Gateway 'Exclusive Opportunities at York'

Deadline for applications 12 October

Any questions? Email