Thousands of University of York students get involved!

Schools, communities, charities, student led volunteering projects, activities, fundraising, committees, advocacy and placements are just some of the ways you can get involved to build your experience and make a difference to others. There are three main routes into finding volunteering opportunities at York through YUSUCareers and your college

Students gave over 65000 hours last year to make a difference in York. Thank you for all your time, talent and enthusiasm! Read our annual report here: Volunteering Impact 2016-17 (PDF  , 589kb)

In need of some inspiration? Hear about a diverse range of volunteering experiences from students at the University.


YUSU Activities

There are plenty of ways to get involved in YUSU Volunteering or RAG (raising and giving) whether you have 1 hour or 1 week to give. 

You could join one of the 14 already established projects such as; Kids Camp a week-long residential activity holiday for children aged between 8 & 11 years, who are “desperately in need of a break",  Inkwell a creative writing project for primary school pupils or Minds in Motion, a community group set up to help support people with dementia and their carers.

So if you want to develop your own project or jump onto something established all you need to do to start is contact volunteering@yusu.org to find out more or have a chat to the YUSU Activities officer. 

Click: www.yusu.org/activities/volunteering

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Volunteering through Careers is structured through the following programmes. We advertise opportunities every term in Week 3 -5. 

York Students in Schools places over 700 students as classroom assistants each year, and has lots of project opportunities to work alongside employers to raise the aspirations of young people in York.

York Students in Communities  promotes a wide range of regular volunteer placements and projects in heritage, culture, conservation, public sector and charities each term. 

You can also find projects linked directly to your degree or alternatively, if you want to set-up your own initiative they can support you with funding of £500 up to £5000 through the University Community Fund





Colleges offer lots of fun opportunities for students to volunteer. Talk to your JCRC or the College tutors and staff to find out more!

Every college has a student committee, made up of volunteers who work together to run events, activities, campaigns and campaigns for the students in their college. Elections for student committees are usually held towards the end of the Autumn Term. 

Colleges rely on students volunteering as STYCs (Second and Third Year Contacts) to help new students to settle in, and most colleges also offer opportunities to volunteer as subject mentors. Some colleges run volunteering schemes in the local community, and all college committees fundraise for local charities through RAG. 

To find out what's happening in your college

Partner with us

Work with us

If you are a local volunteer organisation we can help you find student volunteers to support your organisation. Our aim is to bring together the community and the university, allowing a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge, skills and experience.

What we do:

  • Termly recruitment campaigns for volunteer placements
  • Bespoke individual or team project based opportunities
  • Advertising of one off opportunities

Get in touch with us to discuss at volunteering@york.ac.uk

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