Accessibility statement


Please try to walk or cycle to your placement. If your school is not within walking distance of the University campus, the Volunteering Team will reimburse your travel expenses. To find out if you are eligible for travel reimbursement please see our 2022-23 FINAL School Travel List (PDF , 56kb)

Travel by bus

  • If your school is not within walking distance of campus we will provide you with day tickets, which are usable on all First Bus Routes. You can collect these from the Careers and Placements building in Week 1 of the term you start your placement.
  • If your school is not on a First bus route, you will be able to claim bus expenses to your placement. Please email a completed Student Expenses Form (MS Excel , 45kb) including photographs of your bus tickets. 
  • You will also need to create an online account with the University to allow you to submit your bank details. 
  • If you are volunteering in a project you can collect your bus tickets from your project facilitator.

Travel by car

  • We will reimburse reasonable car mileage from the central York Area to the place of your volunteering for which there is no established bus route.
  • If there is an established bus route to your school and you choose to drive, we will reimburse up to a maximum of £20 for mileage.
  • We will not reimburse any mileage to schools that are within walking distance of campus. If you live outside the central York area, we will reimburse you from the University postcode to your school.
  • To claim car mileage, you will need to create an online account with the University and complete  one Student Expenses Form (MS Excel , 45kb) (you can calculate miles travelled using Google Maps).

Other expenses

If you need any resources outside of travel for your volunteering activity, it is essential that you discuss your needs with a member of the Volunteering Team before making any purchases, so these can be agreed in advance as reasonable expenses for you to incur. 

How to claim for expenses

  1. Create an online account with the University.
  2. Complete one Student Expenses Form (MS Excel , 45kb).
  3. Email your expenses form to, including photographs of your receipts. 

If you have any questions please contact us at