Accessibility statement

Rights and responsibilities 

Every volunteer at the University of York has the right to:

  • Know what is expected of them within their volunteering role
  • Be given appropriate training by the Volunteering Team or external organisations
  • Be safe in their volunteer role
  • Be supported by the Volunteering Team throughout their placement
  • Have any questions or concerns dealt with by the Volunteering Team
  • Have their personal information kept in accordance with GDPR regulations
  • Withdraw from their volunteering placement if there is a change in circumstances

We expect all University of York Volunteers to:

  • Familiarise themselves with expectations for their specific role
  • Commit to the entirety of the volunteering role and attend all sessions
  • Attend all necessary training sessions
  • Inform the Volunteering Team and external organisation if there is a change in circumstances
  • Complete a DBS check (if required)
  • Comply with the policies and procedures of external organisations
  • Follow safeguarding practices if working with children or vulnerable adults
  • Be professional at all times
  • Be a positive role model for the University of York
  • Be reliable and punctual
  • Inform the external organisation if they are unable to attend a volunteering session
  • Complete reflective materials supplied by the Volunteering Team
  • Provide feedback to the Volunteering Team at the end of their placement