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The college system

When you arrive at the University of York, you will be a member of one of the 8 undergraduate colleges. The college community offers more support, events to meet new people and a variety of recreational sports activities.


What can my college do for me?

Your college offers an opportunity to be part of a community and mix with people that are not on the same degree as you, whether you live on campus or not.

If you are living off campus have a look at our local and commuting students pages.

Within each college, there are social spaces used to host events such as wellbeing workshops, housing fairs and food giveaways. The college social spaces also have small kitchen areas with kettles and microwaves available, here is a map with all the locations of food preparation areas and showers.

Some people choose a college based on its proximity to their department, although it is worth bearing in mind that not all your lectures or seminars will be in your department. 


Each college has a committee comprised of student volunteers. Some colleges have a Mature Students Officer who represent and plan events for the mature student community, such as pub nights and brunches.

They also plan and run your freshers’ week, with most colleges offering a variety of clubbing and non-clubbing events.

Some events are run throughout the year, such as food giveaways, formals and movie nights.

Getting involved with your college is a great way to meet people. If you want a leadership role, why not volunteer to be on the committee?

College sport

There are lots of opportunities to take part in sports at university. 

College sport is a fun and relaxing way to get involved in recreational sports, ranging from football and rugby to badminton and squash.

This is a great way to meet people, have fun and stay active.


  • STYC - Second and Third Year Contacts are part of your college welcome team. They are current students that volunteer their time to help you move in and find your way around. During Freshers week, STYCs help run college events and show you around the city.
  • STYM - Second and Third Year Mentors are the next level up from STYCs, they will be in contact for more than just Freshers week. STYMs are there to offer peer support, provide information and help you transition into university life. They are also there to signpost you to support services within the college, University and beyond.