We offer tailored support to help undergraduate disabled students get the most out of their University experience. 

Disabled students and Student Communities

If you are a home (UK) undergraduate student, and you have a long-term health condition or disability, the Student Communities programme is part of a range of support that is available to you. 

This is a programme for specific groups of undergraduate students who may face additional challenges when they come to university. The aim is to ensure every student gets the most out of their university experience, and disabled students are one of the student communities that we support. 

We would love to meet you at our events, and for you to get involved. 

If you have a recent diagnosis or do not currently receive our Student Communities newsletter and would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact us at student-communities@york.ac.uk.

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Before you start university

You may have a lot of questions about coming to university and how to prepare.

The Complete University Guide for Disabled Students outlines what to consider and how to plan for starting university.

This includes how to apply for Disabled Students Allowance if you have diagnosed long-term health condition or disability. 

We also recommend making a budget to help you plan for covering your living expenses at university - sign up to Blackbullion to find out more about student finance, budgeting and other funds that might be available eg grants and scholarships.

Step Ahead is a free induction event offered to all our under-represented student communities designed to help new undergraduate students have the best start to their University life. It takes place just before the start of the academic year, and can help with meeting other new students, getting to know campus, finding out more about the services and support available, and feeling more prepared for university.

If you would like to familiarise yourself with the campus before you come, why not take this virtual Campus Tour

Support while you are at University

Information on useful services and opportunities for current students

Disability Services

The University’s Disability Services team offers a range of help and support to help you with your studies. This includes: 

  • Arranging reasonable adjustments to help with your academic work, through a Student Support Plan
  • Arranging support workers to help you with your studies, for example note-taking, examination support and library assistance
  • Liaising with your academic department
  • Guidance on applying for Disabled Student Allowances
  • Information on how to get a diagnostic assessment
  • Support for students with Specific Learning Difficulties
  • Linking in with other support services

All students who access Disability Services will be allocated a Disability Practitioner who can support you before and during your course. Your Practitioner is your named point of contact for ongoing queries and advice within the service.

Contact Disability Services

Student Hub Support and Advice

The Student Support and Advice Team in the Student Hub can help with a range of practical issues, including: 

  • Student finance - tuition fees, maintenance loans, and any difficulties around student finance, including questions relating to Disabled Student Allowances
  • Assistance Funding, including refunds of disability-related costs, Student Support Fund and Emergency Loans
  • Additional funding options, including bursaries and scholarships, disability benefits, money management and budgeting
  • Accommodation and private sector housing
  • Academic progress issues, leave of absence, options for different modes of study 

Contact the Student Hub


The Accommodation Services team manages our on campus accommodation and provide a range of support for disabled students: 

  • Arranging specific requirements or adaptations
  • Funding towards accommodation costs - if you are a home (UK) disabled student, and received approval for additional requirements when you applied for accommodation, you may be eligible for some support with accommodation costs. 
  • Accommodation will contact you to ask if you need a Personal Emergency Evacuation Procedure put in place for evacuating your on campus accommodation in an emergency. If this applies to you, please reply and they can liaise with our Health and Safety team to put this in place. 

Contact Accommodation Services 

Social networks, societies and opportunities

Meeting other students and feeling part of a community is a valuable element of the University experience, but we know it can sometimes be difficult to find people to connect with. There is a lot of support to help you do this, so please reach out!

  • YUSU Disabled Students’ Network: YUSU, the Student Union, has a Disabled Student Officer who is responsible for representing disabled students across the University. Their role is to promote awareness of accessibility and welfare issues and campaign for improved inclusivity, and they lead the YUSU Disabled Student’s Network.
  • Spectrum: This is a relaxed, friendly and informal group for students who consider themselves to be on the autistic spectrum. It is facilitated by one of our Disability Practitioners and runs every two weeks during semester time. Ask to join the mailing list and attend whenever you want. 
  • The Distractibles: This group is for students and staff who can feel overwhelmed, get distracted, and struggle to concentrate. Meetings run once a month over Zoom, and they also provide a platform for sharing tried and tested tips, strategies and resources to help with studying and juggling the many demands of student life.

Finding work

The Careers and Placements Team offers specific support for disabled students. They can help you find part time work, volunteering or placement opportunities during your studies and help you identify and develop your skills and plan your future career. This webpage on careers support for disabled students provides further information about career and placement opportunities and applying for graduate jobs, as well as support for disabled students from external organisations. 

Find out more by attending the Careers drop-in sessions from 11am-1pm every week day during term time in the Careers and Placement Building, or you can book an online or in person appointment via Handshake.


The University of York is constantly striving to make all aspects of university life accessible.