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LMS/AMS referencing style

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AMS examples of citations and references

AMS Style Guide

The "AMS Style Guide" is available here:

The following is guidance is also very clear:

Journal articles: "[#] Author’s name as it appears.Title of article. Shortened Journal Title. Volume Number (Year of publication), issue number, page range, DOI, mathematical review number"

Books: "Author’s name as it appears.Title of book. Publisher, City of publication, Year of publication. Mathematical review number."

References: "References ordered alphabetically by author last name  

LMS examples of citations and references

The LMS Style Guide

Author instructions and LaTex2e information

Journals of the London Mathematical Society: house style and instructions for copy-editors and typesetters:

Section 6.17 is of particular use:

References: "Reference order. (a) The references are ordered by the alphabetical order of the authors. Within that, by date. Within that, if several of the references have the same date, the order is journals, books, preprints. Within that, the ordering is the author’s."