Join one of our friendly weekly community groups to meet new people, practise communication skills, share resources and set meaningful goals for yourself.

Our community is made up of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences who can support your own development - sharing new ways of working, languages, skills and so much more.

You can connect with students from across the University, and the world, to reflect and develop.

Who we are

Our community groups are all:

  • led by PhD students, drawing from their extensive experience of University life
  • a small group made up of undergraduate and postgraduate students from across the world
  • backed by expert academic staff, support staff and a wide range of advisers.

What happens in a community group meet up

In every community group you’ll be meeting students from across Departments. The weekly sessions are one hour long, and there are a range of slots available. Sign up below to receive information on booking and attending the sessions.

Group leaders facilitate discussion through the following:

  • What's the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?
  • If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
  • Informal thought-provoking questions to help you get to know each other and practise your conversational communication
  • Each week you'll set 'Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based' goals to review the following week. The group leader will encourage you to think about steps you can take to achieve your goals.
  • Each session includes the opportunity to chat in pairs or small groups
  • You'll get a chance to practise your formal communication in an informal context
  • You can share resources that you've found useful, and get ideas from other students
  • Group leaders have a range of activities to encourage self-reflection on your Academic Skills
  • They encourage you to celebrate your strengths, and set meaningful goals for tackling your challenges

How to join

If you fancy broadening your horizons, challenging your assumptions and connecting with the world, we'd love for you to join us.

Fill in the form below to receive weekly updates on the available community groups.

Sign up

Come along to our regular community group events - just search for 'Community Group Meet Up' in the bookings page.

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Some of our feedback

I think this lesson is very useful. I hope to learn more academic writing skills and practice oral English in future course.

These last four weeks were great. Thursdays afternoons were a moment to chat, to share, to learn and to be ourselves. And you gave us that chance. For this I am extremely grateful to your professionalism and humanism. You are and will always be an excellent mentor.

It’s good to meet new friends in this special time. I think it’s useful to set goals for the next week among the community, which push me to accomplish them.

These sessions were life saving and I am not being dramatic. The group leader is a great mentor, not just pedagogical but also human. These characteristics make her a priceless teacher!

I really like the vibe of the sessions, very friendly and supportive. I feel safe to be open about the challengers I'm facing. And thank you for always be so patient, compassionate and offer very helpful advice, they really solved my problems.

Thank you for a great session. I find it really helpful to discuss study techniques in an informal and non-judgemental environment. Highlighting available tools is so useful as it takes time I often don't feel I have to search for these things.

This is a very useful session, I think. It's nice to meet new teacher and friends. Although I will be a little nervous in expressing myself, I will try my best to make myself better. Thank you!