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Transcripts, replacement certificates and validated certificates

What is a transcript? What information is included?

A transcript is a detailed record of your study. A final transcript will include all modules studied plus the marks and credits received for these modules (if awarded). It will also include your final award mark or classification if relevant. An interim transcript is one issued before your programme of study has been completed and may not include all modules. All information on an interim transcript is provisional until your final award has been ratified. 

The reverse of the document contains additional information on FHEQ levels, award mark scales, credit value of qualifications and module result definitions.

Transcripts relate to a specific programme of study, therefore if you studied more than one programme (eg a BA and then an MA) you will need to order a separate trasncript for each programme. 

Can I have information added to or excluded from my transcript?

A transcript is an official document which is laid out in a standardised format and is taken directly from your student record. It is not possible to add or remove information from this. 

I have additional requirements to go with my transcript - can you help?

The final question on the transcript request form gives the option to indicate if you have any additional requirements. Please note the following advice on answering that question

  • Additional requirements may be a form, covering letter or other document that you have to send (eg to another institution) with your transcript. Please indicate this in the additional requirements section and then, within 24 hours of placing the order, email the document to ensuring that any sections you need to fill in are already completed. We cannot source additional documentation for you - you must provide it to us. Please ensure you include your reference number from the online store (which will be in the confirmation email you will receive upon placing your order) in your email. Failure to follow any of these instructions may mean that we cannot action your request. 
  • It may be that you are requesting other documents such as a replacement or validated certificate from us and require them all sending together. Certificate and transcript requests are not necessarily processed at the same time or by the same member of staff, therefore please state if you are requesting multiple documents so we can check on this - otherwise we may not be aware and may process all your orders separately. 
  • All transcript requests are dealt with in order of receipt and as quickly as possible. Needing your transcript quickly is not an additional requirement - please do not use this question to request that your transcript is processed more quickly or ahead of other customers' orders. We do not offer any expedited or priority services.
  • The option to have your transcript signed and sealed (often requested by other institutions) is addressed in a separate question. If having your transcript signed and sealed is your only requirement, please just answer "yes" to the relevant question - you do not need to also state this in the additional requirements section.

Can I have a transcript for my research degree?

As there are no individual modules, numerical marks or credit values it is not possible to produce a transcript for research degrees. Therefore please go to Other Documents and order a Confirmation of Award letter which is free of charge.

I studied years ago - can I still have a transcript?

Departments vary in how long they keep detailed records of students' individual modules and mark breakdowns. Not all departments hold comprehensive archived records for previous graduates, and as such we are unable to guarantee that a complete set of detailed module information has been retained for all former students in all departments. Whilst we will make every effort to obtain your past marks in order to produce a transcript, we can only do so if your department has retained this information. If you wish to check whether we can provide you with a transcript before placing your order please contact

If you just require proof of your award you may wish to consider requesting a Confirmation of Award letter instead. 

My course was validated by the University of York - can I have a document?

Occasionally the University of York validates programmes that have been taught at other institutions, and thus produces award documentation for them. These include, and have included, Dyslexia Action, the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and Scarborough College.

If you studied at one of these, or another of our affiliated insitutions, we may not be able to provide a complete set of documents for you. It is unlikely we will be able to produce a transcript for you, as the affilited instituions rarely provide us with detailed module marks, just the details of your final award. We are usually able to provide a replacement award certificate if the original has been lost, or a confimation of award letter. 

Please submit a request for the document you require as per the instructions in the relevant tab on our document request web page and we will look into what can be provided. This may require us to request details of your record from the affiliated institution; by submitting your request you are acknowledging that your details may be exchanged in this way. If you have any queries regarding this please contact before submitting your request.

What is a replacement certificate?

A replacement certificate is a duplicate of your original award certificate that we can produce if your original certificate has been lost or destroyed. Your original certificate becomes invalid once a replacement has been produced. 

What if I need more than one copy of my certificate?

You can only have one actual certificate. Validated copies of your certificate can be produced if necessary. Click here to request  validated copies of certificates. 

What is a validated certificate?

A validated certificate is a copy of your original certificate, which will be stamped and signed by the Assistant Registrar to confirm it is an accurate copy. Validated certificates can be useful for job or further study applications if you are making multiple applications and/or you do not wish to send off your original document. You must be in possession of your original certificate in order to request validated copies, and be able to provide the Exams Office with a good quality scan or photocopy of it to be validated. 

The cost of certificate validation is £3 per original certificate. For this you will receive three validated copies.

If you require multiple certificates validating (e.g. an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree) you must complete a separate transaction for each. 

Click here to request validated copies of certificates

I have never received my original certificate - what should I do?

If you have already graduated and you attended graduation you will have been presented with your certificate at the ceremony. If you did not attend your ceremony, or your programme was not included in a graduation ceremony, your certificate will have been sent to the home address on your student record. 

Certificates are sent by registered delivery and require a signature on receipt. Undelivered certificates are returned to the University by the Post Office. All undelivered certificates not claimed within six months of completion of the course are destroyed for security reasons. 

If you completed your programme less than six months ago and have not received your certificate, please email with your full name, date of birth and your student number if you still have it, plus the address to which you would like your certificate resending to. We will check if your certificate has been returned to us and resend it if it has. If it has been over six months since you completed your programme and you have not contacted us about your certificate in that time you must request and pay for a replacement certificate

How do I order documents?

Transcripts, replacement certificates and validated certificates are all ordered through the online store at this link. 

How much do documents cost?

The following charges apply:


Transcript £10
Information request for graduates / alumni who completed their studies before 2010 £10
Transcript mailing overseas  £10 per address
Replacement certificate £40
Certificate validation  £3 per certificate, for 3 validated copies 


I have recently finished my course but not yet graduated. Can I order documents?

You will receive your award certificate and a free final transcript upon graduation. It is not possible to receive your certificate before graduation, as it is only at that point that your award is conferred upon you.

If you require an interim transcript prior to graduation please order a 'transcript for current students'. This transcript will show that you are yet to be awarded and will be available approximately 5 working days after placing your order. 

However if you require additional final transcripts to be given to you upon graduation (alongside your free copy) please place an order for a 'transcript for graduates / alumni post January 2010'. This final transcript will show that you have been awarded and will not be available until the day of your ceremony. Additional final transcripts will be given to you with your certificate either in the graduation ceremony if you choose to attend, or by post / collection if you decide to graduate in absentia. 

Can someone else order a document for me?

We take the security of our students' data very seriously and for this reason will only supply replacement documents to the student themselves. If you wish to ask another person to make the purchase for you, please contact to advise us that you have authorised this (named) third party to purchase your documents. 

We reserve the right to refuse to supply any documents if we believe the requestor is not the person whose record the request relates to. 

How long will my document take to be produced?

Document Standard processing time
Transcript for current students 5 working days
Transcript for graduates / alumni who completed their studies after 1 January 2010 15 working days
Information request for graduates / alumni who completed their studies before 1 January 2010 25 working days
Replacement certificates 15 working days
Validation of a certificate 15 working days
Certificate mailing 1 working day
Other documents
(certification of study, introduction to a bank, council tax exemption etc)

During our busy periods (May to August and December to February) it may take longer to process document requests. The times above are guidelines: we do not guarantee documents will always be produced within these time frames. Please ensure you allow plenty of time if requesting a document for a deadline.

All orders are processed in chronological order of receipt. Please do not contact us to enquire about receiving an expedited service as this is not possible. 

How will I receive my document?

Transcripts are sent to via Royal Mail standard delivery. (Please ensure you have paid the overseas mailing fee for non-UK addresses).

Replacement certificates are sent via recorded delivery to UK addresses, and International Signed For delivery to overseas addresses. (Please note there is no additional mailing fee for replacement certificates, even if they are sent to an overseas address).

Validated certificates are sent to UK addresses via Royal Mail standard delivery, and to overseas address via airmail.

Can I request an expedited service?

All document requests are processed chronologically in order of receipt. We do not offer an expedited service, as we produce all documents as quickly as we can in all cases.  

Can I have my transcript electronically?

We do not have a secure encryption service and cannot send digital/electronic transcripts. We can however send a scan of your transcript as a pdf attached to a standard email if required. You will need to order a transcript as usual, even if you do not want the hard copy, as the hard copy of the transcript has to be produced in order for us to scan it. Note in the additional requirements section of the request form that you would like that transcript scanned and emailed, and supply the address to which it is to be sent. By requesting this service you are accepting that your data may be vulnerable. 

Please note that we will only scan and email your transcript if you have asked for it to be posted to you. This is so you can receive the scan of your transcript as soon as it is produced and not have to wait for the post. This service is not available if you are collecting your transcript, as you can scan it yourself as soon as you collect it.  

If you order an additional copy of your final transcript when you are about to graduate this will be provided to you upon your graduation along with your free final copy. It is not possible for these copies to be emailed. This will usually apply from the first day of the month in which graduation takes place. If you have any queries about this please contact

Can you send my document by courier?

We are unable to arrange delivery by courier, however if you wish to do this yourself please let us know when you place your request, either by entering in the delivery address section that you will be arranging a courier, or by emailing as soon as you have placed your order. You must make all arrangements and bear all costs for this. 

Can you post my document overseas?

Yes. When you order your document you can specify a delivery address, which can be anywhere in the world. 

If you would like your transcript(s) to be sent to an overseas address you must separately purchase overseas mailing at this link. You must purchase overseas mailing for each non-UK address you specify. Multiple transcripts can be sent to one address for one payment. For example, if you would like five transcripts sending to the same overseas address you must purchase your transcripts plus ONE overseas mailing charge. If you would like five transcripts sending to five different overseas addresses you must purchase your transcripts plus FIVE overseas mailing charges. If you have any queries about what you need to pay please contact .

You do not need to pay overseas mailing charge for replacement certificates as recorded delivery is included in the £40 charge.

Validated certificates are sent overseas by standard airmail. If you would like your validated certificate to be sent by recorded delivery either within the UK or overseas, you will need to purchase an overseas mailing at this link.

Can you supply my transcript in a signed and sealed envelope?

Yes, transcripts can be supplied in officially signed and sealed envelopes if required. You can request this on the online store when you place your order. 

What is an Apostille service? Does the University provide this?

Apostille is an internationally recognised means of verifying the authenticity of official documents. It is often used when students require their documents to be authenticated for acceptance in countries outside the UK. This is a legal service that is not provided by the University. Further information can be found on the website of the FCO Legalisation Office

Can I collect my document or have someone collect it for me?

Yes. When you place your order on the online store you will be able to specify this. You will be emailed when your document is ready for collection.  You will need to bring photographic ID such as your passport or student card when you come to collect it. 

If you do not collect your document within 3 months it will be destroyed. If you wish to obtain it after this you will need to purchase a new copy at full price. 

Can you send my document to someone other than myself?

We can send your document to any name and address you specify on the request form. If your transcript is being sent to someone other than yourself (eg directly to another institution) you must enter a recipient name as well as address. For security reasons we reserve the right not to send your document to a generic address (eg an admissions office) without a recipient name, as this can result in documents failing to be delivered. 

If you do not enter a recipient name on the request form we will contact you and ask you for one. If you do not provide us with one you must accept the risk that your document will not be delivered successfully. 

What happens if the document I ordered does not arrive?

If it has been longer than the standard processing times listed online working days since you placed your order please email with your full name, student number if you have it, and your order number from the online store, which will begin YORK followed by 5 digits. 

If you asked for your transcript to be posted to an overseas address please ensure you have paid the overseas mailing fee in addition to the transcript fee. Your transcript will not be posted until you have paid this fee. (You do not need to pay this for replacement or validated certificates). 

All overseas mail will be sent by recorded delivery, and we will provide you with the tracking number on request. Please note that if your document is undelivered because you gave us an incorrect address or failed to provide a recipient name (please see the question above) you will need to place another order if you require it resending. If you gave us a complete and correct name and address to send your document to, and the mail tracking service confirms the document is lost, we will resend it free of charge. 

I think there is an error on my transcript - what should I do?

Please do not contact the Exams Office but contact your department if you believe anything on your transcript is incorrect. Contact details can be found on departmental web pages

I require a different document - what should I do?

If you require a document other than a transcript, replacement certificate or validated certificate, please see the Other Documents section for further documents that can be provided by Registry Student Services.

If you have any queries about these documents, or you require a document that is not listed, please contact Please explain what you require in as much detail as possible and include your full name, address, date of birth and your student number if you still have it. 

Who should I contact for further information?

If your query has not been answered above, please contact us:

Transcripts +44 (0)1904 324864
Certificates +44 (0)1904 322145
Any other documents +44 (0)1904 324643

Current students - please include your 9 digit student number in all correspondence.

Former students - please include your full name, date of birth, dates of study and programme title (e.g. BA in English and History).