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Developing Social Work Practice - SPY00072M

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  • Department: Social Policy and Social Work
  • Module co-ordinator: Dr. Andrew Hill
  • Credit value: 20 credits
  • Credit level: M
  • Academic year of delivery: 2017-18

Module will run

Occurrence Teaching cycle
A Spring Term 2017-18 to Summer Vacation 2017-18

Module aims

This module builds on the Readiness for Practice module in the Autumn and early-Spring terms of Year 1, with the aim of extending students ability to:
  • reflect upon, analyse and theorise their practice
  • enhance their skills in assessment and intervention
  • deepen their understanding of service-user groups and social issues relevant to social work practice
  • develop a critical understanding of organisations related to social work
  • understand the theory and practice of inter-professional working
  • explore the nature and role of ICT in contemporary social work practice.
Relationship to the domains of the PCF
This module aims to contribute to the ability of students to demonstrate that they have reached the end of placement 1 level descriptors in the following principle domains:
  • professionalism
  • values and ethics
  • critical reflection and analysis
  • intervention and skills
and to contribute to their capabilities in these additional domains:
  • diversity
  • rights, justice and economic wellbeing
  • values and ethics
  • knowledge
  • professional leadership

Module learning outcomes

Subject content
By the end of the module, students will be able to demonstrate:
  • A developed understanding of the processes of reflection and its relationship to supervision
  • The ability to use critical reflective thinking in order to describe and analyse their personal and professional development, particularly during Placement 1, using creativity and imagination
  • The ability to use critical reflective thinking in relation to a case study
  • A developed understanding of a range of models for assessment and intervention in social work practice, including risk assessment and management, and the ability to apply some appropriately to a case study
  • A critical understanding of the role ICT in social work
  • An understanding of inter-professional, multidisciplinary working
Academic and graduate skills
By the end of the module, students will be able to:
  • identify and reflect upon both personal and professional learning
  • apply and adapt theory for lived world situations


Task Length % of module mark
Assessment/Intervention case study
N/A 50
Reflective practice essay
N/A 50

Special assessment rules



Task Length % of module mark
Assessment/Intervention case study
N/A 50
Reflective practice essay
N/A 50

Module feedback

Feedback matrix, 4 weeks

Indicative reading

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The information on this page is indicative of the module that is currently on offer. The University is constantly exploring ways to enhance and improve its degree programmes and therefore reserves the right to make variations to the content and method of delivery of modules, and to discontinue modules, if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the University. Where appropriate, the University will notify and consult with affected students in advance about any changes that are required in line with the University's policy on the Approval of Modifications to Existing Taught Programmes of Study.