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Individual Project in Advanced Computer Science - COM00140M

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  • Department: Computer Science
  • Module co-ordinator: Dr. Jeremy Jacob
  • Credit value: 80 credits
  • Credit level: M
  • Academic year of delivery: 2018-19
  • Notes: This is an independent study module

Module will run

Occurrence Teaching cycle
A Summer Term 2018-19 to Summer Vacation 2018-19

Module aims

The aims of this module are to provide:

  • an introduction to independent research in the context of a small research group working on allied topics
  • a culmination of taught material in a substantial ISM, requiring synthesis, development and application of what has been learned in the taught-option stage
  • an opportunity to develop understanding and skill in the methods and techniques of research in Computer Science, ranging from software or hardware engineering needed for implementation-based investigations to the scientific method of hypothesis generation and experiment, or other appropriate and rigorous methods depending on the topic of the project

Module learning outcomes

  • they have gained understanding of a chosen specialist area of Computer Science beyond the level of the taught options (assessed in concise paper as a whole)
  • they are capable of carrying out their own research in this area, critically engaging with the research literature and identifying a clearly articulated line of enquiry (assessed in review and other early chapters in concise paper)
  • they are capable of conducting an investigation in this area that involves some element of novelty or originality, and of critically evaluating the results of their own work (assessed in the development and evaluation chapters of the concise paper)
  • they can explain the wider significance of their chosen area of work and of the results they have obtained (assessed in the introduction and conclusions of the concise paper)
  •  they can clearly present their topic of work and their own contribution in writing (assessed in concise paper as a whole)
  • they can demonstrate knowledge and understanding of legal, ethical, social, professional and commercial issues involved in the project.


Task Length % of module mark
Graduate/Postgraduate Dissertation
Academic paper
N/A 100

Special assessment rules


Additional assessment information

PACS is examined by a 14 page academic paper (in IEEE format).



Module feedback

Feedback on written draft (where draft provided to supervisor in a timely manner).
Written feedback after concise paper submitted

Indicative reading

*** Dawson, C. W Projects in Computing and Information Systems. Addison-Wesley 2005
*** Gowers, E. The complete plain words. Penguin 1987
*** Kopka, H and Daly, P.W. A guide to LATEX : document preparation for beginners and advanced users, 3rd edn. Addison-Wesley 1999
*** Zobel, J. Writing for computer science, 2nd edn. Springer 2004

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