Collecting your gown



Gowns can be collected from the Exhibition Centre on the day of your ceremony from the time indicated below. Please bear in mind that you will be asked to be seated in Central Hall for attendance checking 45 minutes before the start of your ceremony. You will need to have collected your gown by this time (and collected your guest tickets and given them to your guests) as once your attendance has been checked you will be asked to remain in your seat in Central Hall. We therefore advise you to allow at least an hour for gown and guest ticket collection as there may be queues.  

Ceremony start time

Collect your gown from

10.00am 7.30am
1.30pm 10.30am
4.15pm 1.30pm

Returning your gown

Gowns should be returned on the same day that your graduation ceremony took place to one of the following locations: 

Exhibition Centre

The gown return area is located on the ground floor of Spring Lane and will be open until 6.30pm each day. 

East Campus (TBC)

The gown return area is located at The Atrium Hub and will be open until 6.30pm each day.

Kings Manor  (TBC)

There will be a gown return area located at Kings Manor Refectory and will be open only on TBC.

Watch graduation ceremonies

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