Library and Information literacy

Use the following links to develop your skills in searching for books, journals, and electronic resources.

Skills Guides 

‌‌‌‌On the Skills Guides you will find videos, interactive tutorials, workbooks and links to specific help for developing your digital and information searching skills. 

‌‌For Library and information skills guidance take a look at the following sections: 

Subject-specific help

On the Library's Subject Guides provide you will find information on how to access library materiasl relevant to your department, including: 

  • Tailored information skills advice for your subject
  • Help on locating books, journals and other resources
  • Contact details of your department's Academic Liaison Librarian. They can provide further help with using the Library's print and online collections effectively, and identifying relevant information from other sources

Information for researchers 

If you are a research student the Library Research Support team can help you with literature searching, copyright, open access and research data management. Take a look at the Information for researchers web pages for further guidance and support.

Information for international students 

The Library has developed some dedicated pages to support our international students and help them make the most out of the Library resources and facilities. Take a look at these pages for: