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Enjoy learning creative coding

Posted on 28 January 2019

Learn to code from the basics upwards at the Library and IT Services' Digital Wednesdays sessions.

Our Creative Coding sessions are a fun introduction to a variety of different coding environments designed for the absolute beginner. Each tool has been chosen for its ease-of-use, and because it will contribute to your overall understanding of coding. You can book a place on as many sessions as you wish, depending on what appeals to you - they're open to all members of the University.

Whether you're learning how repeat loops work by making electronic music with Sonic Pi, or what functions are as you make your very own app in Livecode, you'll gain a deeper understanding of code from each tool, and they're all a lot of fun to use. Everything we use is free (or very nearly free) and cross-platform, so having had a taster with us, you can go away and explore a tool in further depth later.

See details of each session, book your place, and find more information on coding in our Skills Guides:

What is coding? Why should you learn to code?

We'll kick thing off by looking at starting points for creative coding and how you can choose where to begin and what to learn.

  • Wednesday 30 January, 2pm - 3pm or 3pm - 4pm

Data visualisation

In this session we introduce some principles of data visualisation, explore the possibilities and hacks available, and take a look at some tools.

  • Wednesday 6 February, 2pm - 4pm


Thunkable is an online 'low-code' tool, based on the jigsaw-like coding of Scratch, that you can use to quickly create a cross platform mobile app. In this session we will take you through the steps of creating an app using Thunkable and look at introductory coding concepts such as loops and variables.

  • Wednesday 13 February, 2pm - 4pm

Sonic Pi

Learn to code music in this session on Sonic Pi, a live coding music synth that lets you program drums, samples and loops in minutes.

  • Wednesday 20 February, 2pm - 4pm


Livecode is a drag-and-drop development environment that allows you to assemble images, text and videos and then use a simple scripting language to add interactivity to buttons. In this session you will learn enough coding to create a media rich simple app or game.

  • Wednesday 27 February, 2pm - 4pm


Processing is a tool loved by artists and data scientists alike. It is designed to let you play with data so that you can make amazingly creative visualisations of your research data quickly and easily. You can also use it to create unique multimedia applications or just produce beautiful works of art. has examples of the variety of things you can do with the tool; we will look at the basics in this session.

  • Wednesday 6 March, 2pm - 4pm