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Library book exchange

Posted on 2 June 2017

Final year students, why not help next year’s new students get off to a good start by donating your old textbooks?

Library book exchange: moving on from university? Donate your textbooks to next year's newbies

The books you studied for your degree broadened your mind, opened you to new ideas, and helped you pass your exams. But as you look ahead to graduation this year, new students will just be starting their journey this autumn.

Why not let your books find a new home as you find a new place for yourself as a graduate? Donate your books to the Library and they can help a new mind open to the knowledge you have gained and get someone else started in their academic studies.

Bring your books to the book drop in the main Library foyer from Monday 5 June 2017 and we will save them over the summer to be passed on to new students in the Autumn Term.