Accessibility statement

A lecture for the programme, with students in attendance.

Is the Laidlaw Scholarship right for me?

We are looking for talented and ambitious undergraduates who want to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy in their chosen field.

You may have a passion for a topic and want the opportunity to undertake a funded research project, but also recognise the importance of developing leadership skills to make a real impact in your field.

Students applying for the 2023 scholarship should be in their first year of a three-year undergraduate programme or in their first or second year of a four-year programme. Students who are planning a placement year need to be able to commit to and engage with all Laidlaw activities, even when on placement. By applying to the scholarship, students are confirming that they agree to this.

Scholars will be expected to undertake a research project for five to six weeks in the first Summer (2023) and will have the opportunity to put into practice their leadership skills and attributes in the second summer of the programme (2024) through either a continuation of the project or an international leadership expedition. This constitutes full-time work over two summers and scholars, therefore, cannot commit to other scholarships or employment (other than weekend work) for the duration of these two summers.

If you are interested in developing your research and leadership skills and joining a global network of peers, this funded scholarship may be the perfect opportunity for you.