Accessibility statement

A Laidlaw research mentor

Benefits of being a Research Mentor

As a Research Mentor the Laidlaw Scholarship will provide you with:

  • An opportunity to support and mentor ambitious and proactive students as they undertake an original research project.
  • The chance to accompany your students to a celebration event which will be organised for all York Laidlaw Scholars.
  • The chance for you, your students and the department to be featured in profile-raising opportunities during the programme.

How you can get involved

  • Promote this opportunity to your students and colleagues.
  • Bring the programme to the attention of promising undergraduates who fit the eligibility criteria.
  • Provide information and support to potential applicants.
  • Give guidance and advice to applicants about designing, writing and delivering a research proposal.
  • Bring the programme to the attention of your colleagues and other staff members.
  • Contact colleagues in related disciplines to support an interdisciplinary project.