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Congratulations to our 25 Scholars

We are delighted to announce that 25 Scholars have been selected for the Laidlaw Scholarship Programme 2017/18.

“The scholarship aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to become the leaders of tomorrow in their chosen occupations. Scholars will graduate from the Programme with a comprehensive development plan and a set of skills which will be directly transferable to their future career.” (Penny Foster, Leadership and Development Adviser – Laidlaw Scholarship)

Our 25 scholars for 2018/19 are:

Name: Anastasia Arsentyeva

Year: 1st Year
Department: Theatre, Film and Television

Research project title: To what extent has inward investment and American financial dominance within the British film industry had an effect on independent film production in the UK between 2013 and 2017?

Academic mentor: Professor Duncan Petrie

Name: Matthew Bantick

Year: 1st Year
Department: English and Related Literature

Research project title: Understanding autism: the accuracy and utility of autism in literature

Academic mentor: Professor Helen Smith

Name: Victoria Bianchi

Year: 2nd Year
Department: History

Research project title: Islamic perceptions of the confines of the Dar al-Islam in Sicily: a case study of the extent of multiculturalism in the pre-crusading world

Academic mentor: Dr Harry Munt

Name: Clare Burgess

Year: 1st Year
Department: History

Research project title: On the Barricades: the Hidden History of Women in Revolution

Academic mentor: Professor Stuart Carroll

Name: Joshua Butcher

Year: 1st Year
Department: The York Management School

Research project title: Commodification and communication of a legend: Dom Perignon in the media (1936-2017)

Academic mentor: Dr Fabien Pecot

Name: Janice Caldwell

Year: 1st Year
Department: Chemistry

Research project title: Markers of sea-level change in estuarine and coastal sediments of Holocene age

Academic mentor: Professor Brendan Keely

Name: Emil Chi

Year: 1st Year
Department: Chemistry

Research project title: Solubilisation of cellulose towards green materials and textile recycling

Academic mentor: Dr John Slattery

Name: William Davis

Year: 1st Year
Department: Biology

Research project title: Bacterial Processing of Novel Body Odorant Precursor Molecules

Academic mentor: Dr Gavin Thomas

Name: Igors Dubanevics

Year: 2nd Year
Department: Natural Sciences

Research project title: Chemistry inspired self-repairing machine for evolutionary robots

Academic mentor: Dr Shuhei Miyashita

Name: Martha Gillberg

Year: 1st Year
Department: Politics

Research project title: Peer-to-peer Children's Education in Refugee Contexts

Academic mentor: Dr Jacob Eriksson

Name: Joseph Gillions

Year: 2nd Year
Department: Chemistry

Research project title: Examining the capabilities of parahydrogen at hyperpolarising biological molecules

Academic mentor: Professor Simon Duckett

Name: Evelyn Greeves

Year: 1st Year
Department: Biology

Research project title: Biodiversity of the hidden world

Academic mentor: Dr Richard Payne

Name: Faith Ho

Year: 1st Year
Department: Politics

Research project title: The Invisibility of Security Through Urban Design Against Modern Terrorism

Academic mentor: Alexandra Hall

Name: Michalina Lesinska

Year: 1st Year
Department: Economics

Research project title: Rightist brand boycotts - categorizing the right wing boycotts as events 

Academic mentor: Dr Fabien Pecot

Name: Alvaro Lopez-Acosta

Year: 2nd Year
Department: Chemistry

Research project title: Smart patterned nanomaterials for tissue engineering

Academic mentor: Professor David Smith

Name: James McNulty

Year: 2nd Year
Department: Natural Sciences

Research project title: Total synthesis of Solomanimides A and B

Academic mentor: Dr William Unsworth

Name: Jasmine Onstad

Year: 2nd Year
Department: Philosophy

Research project title: Cognitive biases and political discourse in the context of injustice

Academic mentor: Dr Helen Yetter-Chappell

Name: Raphael Peralta

Year: 2nd year
Department: Biology

Research project title: Fish tanks and the algal war: Assessing the potential of algae-bacteria interactions as a form of biocontrol for fish tank algae.  

Academic mentor: Professor Seth Davis

Name: Misha Purser

Year: 1st Year
Department: Philosophy

Research project title: Rightist brand boycotts - categorizing the scope and variety of right wing groups in the UK

Academic mentor: Dr Fabien Pecot

Name: Sara Rashid

Year: 1st Year
Department: Psychology

Research project title: The Relationship Between British Sign Language (BSL) and Spatial Memory for Events

Academic mentor: Dr Silvia  Gennari

Name: Ashleigh Ruane

Year: 2nd Year
Department: Physics

Research project title: Cleaning Water with Magnets; Environmental Remediation using Magnetic Nanoparticles

Academic mentor: Dr Andrew Pratt

Name: Holly Shorey

Year: 1st Year
Department: Language and Linguistic Science

Research project title: Pronoun comprehension in persons with Down Syndrome

Academic Mentor: Dr Helen Goodluck

Name: Joel Strouts

Year: 1st Year
Department: Mathematics

Research project title: Developing an Application to Graphically Explore the Structure of Numbers

Academic Mentor: Dr Henning Bostelmann

Name: Elif True

Year: 1st Year
Department: Sociology

Research project title: Perpetuating Poverty - Deprivation Discourse in the North-East

Academic Mentor: Dr Germaine Stockbridge

Name: Imogen Voysey

Year: 1st Year
Department: Psychology

Research project title: The development of a questionnaire to assess the quality of participation in mental health settings

Academic Mentor: Dr Elena Geangu