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Case studies and videos of some our scholars

Read and watch case studies from our Laidlaw Scholars and listen to their experiences of the programme.

Case studies

A profile picture of Zulekha Samiullah

Zulekha Samiullah

I would definitely encourage other Maths undergraduates to apply for the Scholarship. I think sometimes they don’t see a natural ‘fit’ between the subject and the research proposal but there are so many opportunities to expand your areas of interest and develop yourself.

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Munashe Rumhuma profile photo

Munashe Rumhuma

I used to think that being a leader relied on being confident, strong and having a desire to be at the top of your profession. Now I’ve realised that to be a really good leader you need empathy, self-awareness and resilience.

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A profile picture of Harry Jackson

Harry Jackson

I’ve realised that I can be the leader I want to be – without compromising on my values. My goal is to become a contemporary, holistic leader.

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A photo of Charlie Bingham in the lab

Charlie Bingham

The Laidlaw Scholarship is a possibility for anyone. As a single parent to two young children and a mature student, I am proof of that.

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A photo of Cath Brislane

Cath Brislane

Cath Brislane had done her research before even arriving at the University of York. She knew all about the Laidlaw Scholarship and was interested in applying. Providing her with a paid period of high-quality research and a qualification in Leadership seemed – in Cath’s words – ‘almost too good to be true’.

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Laidlaw scholars on their time on the programme


Elif on the Laidlaw Scholarship

Josh on the Laidlaw Scholarship

Rossi on the Laidlaw Scholarship

Sara on the Laidlaw Scholarship

Case studies pre-2020


Bethany White

Film and Television Production student Bethany White has been keeping herself busy since she came to the University of York. In her two years as a student she has participated in the York Award and the York Futures programme, written short film scripts and published three short stories, as well as recently becoming the new Film and TV Editor and Deputy Editor for Content of The Yorker magazine.

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Demi Daniel

Demi chose to come to the University of York because the teaching course focused more on coursework than exams and this best aligned with her preferred way of learning. She decided to apply for the Laidlaw Scholarship because she is genuinely interested in research and thinks that the leadership activity provides a hands-on opportunity to develop.

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Kane Silver

As a mature student at the University of York, Kane Silver tried a few careers out before deciding on a degree in Social and Political Sciences. After leaving Sixth Form part way through his A-Levels, Kane worked in a nursery providing one-to-one support to a child with autism. He also worked in a bar and in a fast food chain before deciding to do an Access Course as a bridge to starting his degree.

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Luke Jenkinson

Luke Jenkinson has always been interested in computers so it was no surprise that he decided to undertake a degree in Computer Science. He wants to go on to do a PhD and his area of interest is how software and machine learning can be used to diagnose patients, with the aim of reducing misdiagnoses.

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Rebecca Lowndes

Rebecca Lowndes knows about vision in two senses of the word. Her research project as part of the Laidlaw Scholarship focuses on how the brain maps vision in low-light conditions. Rebecca has also always been clear about her own long-term vision; to gain a PhD while undertaking research in this field. That is until the scholarship made her think about other career possibilities:

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Rossi Redgrave

Rossi Redgrave knew he wanted to study Psychology at the University of York as soon as he visited the Department. Having just finished his second year of a Psychology degree he has ambitious plans for a future career as a Social Neuropsychology Researcher and Lecturer.

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A photo of Evelyn Greeves at the lab

Evelyn Greeves

Evelyn Greeves has always considered herself to be a natural leader. She was a Cub Scout Leader and ran an LGBT society as school. She also enjoys the research side of her Biology degree. So when she saw the Laidlaw Scholarship advertised on Twitter she decided to apply.

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A close up shot of Matthew Bantick

Matthew Bantick

Matthew Bantick has very clear goals and values. He has known for years that he wants to join the Police Service when he graduates from York. As soon as he saw the Laidlaw Scholarship being advertised he knew that it would provide additional skills and experience during his time at university and give him that elusive ‘added extra’.

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Elif True presenting at a conference in Sri Lanka

Elif True

Elif chose the Laidlaw Scholarship because it gave her the opportunity to research a topic important to her. Shedding light on the issue of poverty has been her passion since she started campaigning in her home town of South Tyneside.

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