A laidlaw Scholar making notes

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for the Laidlaw Scholarship 2020 please ensure that you read this guidance before making an application.

Before you begin

Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria below and that you are available on all the key programme training dates and are aware of the full programme commitments.


  • All undergraduate students in year one of a three year programme or year one or two of a four year programme are eligible to apply.
  • There are no restrictions on discipline/department, college, nationality or fee status.

The application form

  • Your application to the programme will be assessed through the online application form which consists of a personal profile and your research statement. There will be an interview for short-listed candidates.
  • You can save and resume your application form and complete it at a later date.

Your Personal statement

Your personal statement should include:

  • Please let us know your motivation for applying for the Laidlaw Scholarship, and how you will make the most of the experience (e.g. in managing the Scholarship with your studies).
  • Please outline any relevant skills and experience that you feel will help you to excel as a Laidlaw Scholar. Where possible, you should highlight any examples of leadership experience or articulate why you feel you have leadership potential. You may draw on examples from school, University or extra-curricular or voluntary experiences to illustrate this.
  • Please describe how participation in the Laidlaw Scholarship could assist with your personal and/or career development

The research project

The research project should link to one of the University’s seven Research Themes and be considered by the selection panel to be an area worthy of investigation. The 2017 scholars proposed their own projects and you can read more about their work here: Projects undertaken by our Laidlaw Scholars in 2017.

Proposing your own research project

1. Write your research statement (500 words). Please provide a description of your research project, which includes:

  • the research question
  • the objectives and proposed outcomes of the research, including any potential impact on the University’s 7 research themes
  • why you have selected the research topic
  • how you would ensure the project is successful, for example in planning the project within appropriate timescales and in the suitability of proposed research methods

Although there are different options for the second summer please propose a project that could be carried out over two summers, but giving consideration to how leadership skills could be developed in the second summer.

If you need help or support on deciding on your research project design you can:

2. Complete the Academic Mentor’s information

  • This section provides the details of the Academic Mentor who has agreed to supervise you throughout the project. Please make sure that you have agreement from your Academic Mentor before submitting their details. All information will be verified. Your Academic Mentor can refer to the role of the mentor section of the website. The Benefits of being a Research Mentor section details the benefits available to them for offering their support.
  • You application is not complete until we receive a Statement of Support from your Academic Mentor. Please encourage them to complete and submit this form to us before the closing date: 13 Feb 2020.


If you are shortlisted you will be invited for a short interview. Please indicate on the application form your preferred first choice and second choice date. The dates available are 7, 8, 9 April 2020.

Submitting your application

Once you have completed all sections you can submit your application. Prior to submitting please ensure that you have read and accept all terms and conditions relating to this scholarship.

The Laidlaw team will be in touch in due course.

If you have any further questions please contact laidlaw-scholarship@york.ac.uk