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Your accommodation will be heated to a target temperature of 19–21°C from around the start of October until the end of April. These dates may shift slightly if it’s unusually hot or cold.

When your room is at target temperature your radiator may feel cold. If you don’t think your room is reaching the target temperature during the winter months, or there is a fault with your heating, please let us know.

Portable heaters

If the heating in your room fails or needs to be temporarily switched off, we may give you an approved portable heater until we fix the problem.

Portable heaters and heated drying racks are not allowed otherwise as they use a lot of energy, can prevent our thermostats from working by creating a false temperature and cause condensation and mould. They may also be a fire risk if they haven’t been safety tested.


We regulate the temperature of your hot water to help keep you safe. We may occasionally visit your room to check that we are doing this correctly.

If you have been away for longer than a week we recommend running your taps and shower for a few minutes to remove any stagnant water in the tap head.

Mail and deliveries

Letters and small parcels

  • Delivered to the individual mailboxes at your block/ house, or to your college reception.

Large parcels and signed mail

Campus West: Delivered to your college reception.

Campus East: Delivered to the post room in the Piazza building.

We'll email you to let you know that it's ready to collect.

Television licence

If you want to watch BBC iPlayer or live TV on a television, computer, or other device in your own room, you’ll need to buy a TV licence.

If we have provided a television in your kitchen, we pay for the TV licence.


We ask students to leave their car at home but if you have a disability, are living at Halifax College or your course involves placements, you may be eligible to apply for a parking permit.

Bicycle parking and storage

There is bicycle parking and storage located at every college and at most buildings around campus too.


To use a launderette, you'll need to purchase a card from your college reception. Find your nearest launderette, top up your card and check machine availability online via our launderettes page. 

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Appliance manuals

Accommodation Services provide a variety of electrical appliances to you in your accommodation. If ever your appliances break, appear to be dangerous or stop working, please let us know here right away.


  • Do not leave dangerous or broken electrical appliances for other residents to use
  • Do not try to repair damaged electrical appliances by yourself
  • Keep clear of exposed electrical wires


For general product instructions, maintenance and use, you can find instruction manuals via the links below. Some may require you to type in the model number that can be found on the appliance,

Daewoo (microwave ovens)



Something broken?

Let us know, so that we can fix it for you sooner.

Building work

We’re constantly developing our campus to improve student experience. If you’re somewhere that is affected by work, we’ll let you know and send you updates. To minimise disturbance, most work takes place on weekdays from 8am-6pm. If we're working outside these times, we’ll always try to tell you in advance.