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Cleaning, recycling and waste

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Your responsibilities

We recommend you check your kitchen and common room the day before your weekly top up clean/inspection.

What you need to do

You're responsible for keeping your bedroom and communal areas clean and tidy. You'll need to make sure that the following are maintained regularly.

Your bedroom

You’re responsible for tidying and cleaning your bedroom, including:

  • vacuuming regularly

  • cleaning surfaces  

  • cleaning your ensuite.

A vacuum can be found in your kitchen. You can request additional vacuum bags online.

If you have an ensuite it’s your job to keep it clean. This includes mopping up any excess water on your floor to prevent mould and keeping plugholes clear to avoid blockages. A cleaner will perform a top-up clean on your ensuite once a month.

Kitchen and communal areas

Your kitchen

You and your flatmates are responsible as a group for cleaning your kitchen. This includes:

  • regularly emptying your bins into the outside recycling bins
  • washing up and putting away crockery and utensils
  • clearing and cleaning your worktops, hobs, ovens, sink, windowsills and floors
  • clearing belongings and shopping crates off the floor
  • preparing for your weekly clean.

Your hallway

Always keep your hallway and fire escapes clear. Anything blocking either of these could be a potential hazard in case of an emergency or fire.

Your common rooms

If you use your college common room you’ll need to make sure it’s left in a clean and tidy condition when you’re done. We’ll inspect your common rooms on a weekly basis.

What we do

Our cleaning teams are here to assist you in keeping your accommodation tidy for everyone.  There's a few things you'll need to do to help them, so that they can help you.


Once a week we’ll give your kitchen a top-up clean and replenish your bin bags to help you keep on top of things. Make sure your sink, worktops and floor are clear in preparation. Find more information about this service on the cleaning poster and schedule on your kitchen noticeboard.


Shared bathrooms are cleaned every weekday (except bank holidays). Make sure you remove your personal belongings when you’re finished in the bathroom.

Ensuite bathrooms
are cleaned once a month. We’ll let you know when we’re due to clean your bathroom so you can clear your belongings.

Your weekly inspection / top up clean

Once a week we'll perform a weekly kitchen and common room inspection and top up clean. You need to make sure it's ready for us. Find out more on your Kitchen cleaning poster (PDF , 100kb). If your kitchen and common room are tidy, we’ll put a tick on your cleaning notice and get to work. If your kitchen or common room are untidy and we cannot perform a full clean, we’ll leave a cross on your cleaning notice. Crosses are reset each term. 

What does a cross on the cleaning notice mean?

First time that term

Check the number(s) circled on your cleaning schedule for what you need to improve on for next time. Get together with your flatmates to make sure that it’s sorted for your next weekly clean.

Second time that term

You’re just one cross away from being charged. If you’re having problems resolving these issues with your flatmates you may want to ask your college or tutor for help. You could also make a kitchen cleaning rota.

Every following time that term

If you receive a third cross in one term, each kitchen user will be charged £12.50 to cover the cost of the additional cleaning required. Every subsequent cross that term will incur a similar charge from thereon.

Waste and recycling

  • Almost everything can go into your mixed recycling bin, glass bag, or food bin. 
  • We provide black bags for your general waste and clear bags for your mixed recycling. 
  • Please use the correct bags for each. 
  • Empty bins as soon as they’re full into the external bins outside.
  • Make sure you empty each bin into the correct container. 

Your Waste Guide (PDF , 395kb)