Accessibility statement

Reconnecting on campus

We anticipate that Government guidance from 19 July will no longer be to work from home if you can. When measures lift, we are not expecting our ways of working to change overnight. We are, nevertheless, looking forward to welcoming more staff back to campus, and are setting out our 'future of work' roadmap for reconnecting on campus between now and September. 

Our vision is to develop our workplaces to fit more closely with how we want to work: with more agility, supported by digital tools, and achieving those benefits that so many of you told us, in our recent survey, that you want to realise. 

Our first major piece of guidance is our new Remote Working Policy. The key principle is that 'business need' will inevitably determine where work needs to take place, but the policy outlines how 'hybrid working' will be approached at the university, balancing the requirements of a role, individual preferences/needs and the dynamic University community we all want to work in.

Throughout the summer, we will share a sequence of updates for managers and individuals on these pages, including support for conversations in your own areas (and advice on timings for these), health, safety and wellbeing guidance, and opportunities for digital skills development.

Hybrid working and the new Remote Working Policy

The new Remote Working Policy will help facilitate a hybrid way of working that allows staff to spend some time working on campus and some time working remotely (if this suits the requirements of your role). Recognising that not everyone prefers to work remotely, where staff wish to work on campus this will be - and is being - accommodated. The new policy will come into effect on 27 September 2021 and we will be providing more guidance and some training for managers on this policy during the summer. 

Our timeline for hybrid working

Further guidance for managers on the new Remote Working Policy will be released later in June, with guidance for staff following soon after at the start of July. This guidance will include recommendations for:

  • carrying out discussions with staff on flexible working
  • documents related to personal requirements, including around disability and accessibility
  • further information to support working remotely in hybrid situations

Managers and staff should discuss how the Remote Working Policy will work in their teams. We recommend that these conversations take place from July onwards - and no later than the end of August - with an aim to start the new hybrid way of working in whatever capacity works best for the team and individuals by the start of the next academic year, 27 September 2021. 

Over the summer we will also be sharing health, safety and wellbeing guidance, travel advice and opportunities for digital skills development.  

Watch this space for more updates as we progress our plans.

Booking space on campus

As more of us reconnect with campus and rejoin our colleagues in person, you may be wondering which buildings are available for you to work in. Some offices are currently being utilised in new ways, meaning your old workspace may not be available. 

We have a range of bookable work spaces across four dedicated areas of campus so that you can start to transition back to campus over the next few months. As we move through the summer, we’ll be evolving how we do things and we’ll be keeping you up-to-date.

Take a look through our guidance to find a space that’s right for you, whether you’re looking for a small office for a couple of people for the day, or simply a desk in an open plan office to plug in your laptop.

Ron Cooke Hub

Ron Cooke Hub is located on Campus East. You will require your staff ID card. On entering the building, speak to the reception staff to inform them which space you have booked. Multiple spaces are available, with a variety of collaborative rooms. The building is wheelchair accessible. 

The Hub Cafe is open between 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday. There are kitchen facilities and toilets within the building. 

Book a work space at Ron Cooke Hub

The Library

Located on Campus West, the Library can be accessed with your staff id card. On entry to the building simply let the staff member on reception know which space you have booked.

There are multiple single desk workstations as well as plenty of collaborative areas to book. Many of the spaces are wheelchair accessible. 

The Library has shared kitchen facilities and toilets. The Library Cafe is open 9am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday.  

Book a work space at the Library

Market Square

Find the Market Square workspace by going into the Information Centre via its main doors, through the right hand double doors and down the stairs. There are a variety of spaces available including single desks and collaborative areas.  

There is a kitchen area and toilets, and it is close to the Pop-up Park and Nisa. 

Book a work space at Market Square

Providence House

Providence House is based on the Science Park on Campus West. To access the building you will need your staff ID card. 

There is no reception within this building, but there will be people around - so please ask a colleague if you are unsure which workspace you have booked. 

There are multiple single desk workstations as well as a collaborative area to book on both floors. A large break-out room is linked to the kitchen on the ground floor, as well as drink-making facilities on the first floor. All-gender toilets can also be found in this building.

Book a work space at Providence House

Multi-use outdoor space

Our new multi-use outdoor space suitable for teaching, meetings and social events has opened on Campus West, by James College. The covid-secure space is the first of several opening over coming months. The spaces will have full IT capability, flexible furniture and are bookable through Planon. And don't forget the Tipi at Piazza is also available for students and staff to drop in (during the day) or book (in the evening). 

Find out more about multi-use outdoor spaces