The York Pedagogy - Implementation and support for academic departments

The introduction of the York Pedagogy is part of the new University Strategy, which was agreed in December 2014. 

Implementation is supported by a dedicated project team, augmented using strategic University funding, based in the Academic Support Office.  Members of this team are working closely with departmental colleagues to facilitate progress and relieve some of the workload for academic staff, for example by helping Chairs of Boards of Studies and programme leaders directly, facilitating team discussions, running bespoke workshops on emergent themes, and sharing exemplars of good practice.  Where appropriate, we will also pursue initiatives at Faculty and/or institutional levels.

Departments were also invited to bid for funding in both 2015-16 and 2016-17 to support the release of staff time to work on the pedagogy initiative.


Faculty co-ordinators / Academic Quality (AQ) contacts

Each faculty has a co-ordinator, who will:

  • Identify common issues at faculty level and identify ways of supporting departments at faculty level to implement the pedagogy;
  • Identify and share best practice across the faculty, including case studies of implementation;
  • Support and advise project team contacts assigned to departments on implementation, particularly with regard to combined programmes;
  • Monitor the implementation of the pedagogy across the faculty departments, ensuring timescales are met and required information is gathered.

Department’s normal AQ contacts will also be available to provide support to departments during the implementation, particularly relating to:

  • Support and guidance for proposing new programmes and modifying programmes while the York Pedagogy is being implemented; 
  • Clarification of how the Programme and Module Catalogue project is related to the York Pedagogy; and
  • Guidance for meeting the requirements of the modular framework, including requirements for combined degrees.
Faculty Co-ordinator Phone AQ contact Phone
Sciences Katy Mann Benn 3283 David Gent 3632
Social Sciences Cecilia Lowe 1142 Adrian Lee (excluding Social Policy and Social Work and Management)
Juliet James (Social Policy and Social Work and Management)
Arts and Humanities Richard Walker 1138 Andrea Boam
Jenny Brotherton

Project team contacts

Each department has been assigned a York pedagogy project team member as a direct contact to assist in all matters related to the implementation of the pedagogy.  These project team members will be in regular contact with those in the department leading on the roll-out of the pedagogy. The project team is supported by our project officer, Richard Lee (3188).

Faculty Department Project contact Phone
A&H Archaeology Richard Walker 1138
A&H Centre for Lifelong Learning Katy Mnn Benn 3283
A&H Centre for Medieval Studies Yvonne Hoggarth 3284
A&H English and Related Literature Richard Walker 1138
A&H History Katy Mann Benn 3283
A&H History of Art Wayne Britcliffe 1141
A&H Language and Linguistic Science Richard Walker 1138
A&H Music Duncan Jackson 4843
A&H Philosophy Phil Robinson-Self 2109
A&H Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media Duncan Jackson 4843
Faculty Department Project contact Phone
Sci Biology Phil Robinson-Self 2109
Sci Chemistry David Gent (Katy Mann Benn for UG) 3632 (3283)
Sci Computer Science Cecilia Lowe 1142
Sci Electronics Stephen Gow (Lucy Hodgetts for UG) 1135 (3284)
Sci Environment Katy Mann Benn 3283
Sci Health Sciences Juliet James 4310
Sci Mathematics Francis Duah (Cecilia Lowe for UG) 4936 (1142)
Sci Natural Sciences Katy Mann Benn 3283
Sci Physics Susan Halfpenny 4253
Sci Psychology Phil Robinson-Self 2109
Faculty Department Project contact Phone
Soc Sci Centre for Women's Studies Tamlyn Ryan 1134
Soc Sci Economics and Related Studies Maeve Pearson 2920
Soc Sci Education Cecilia Lowe 1142
Soc Sci York Law School Maeve Pearson 2920
Soc Sci York Management School Cecilia Lowe 1142
Soc Sci Politics Phil Robinson-Self 2109
Soc Sci Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit Phil Robinson-Self 2109
Soc Sci PPE Katy Mann Benn 3283
Soc Sci PGCAP Katy Mann-Benn 3283
Soc Sci Social Policy and Social Work (and SPS UG) Yvonne Hoggarth 3284
Soc Sci Sociology and Criminology Katy Mann Benn for UG 3283

UTC proformas

Extract of Postgraduate Programme Design document - This document is for use with Postgraduate Taught programmes (excluding Integrated Masters) and aligns with the York Pedagogy.  If you experience any difficulties using this document, please contact your Academic Quality Officer in the Academic Support Office.

Related documents

  • PLOs, Programme Map & Enhancement Plan Proforma
    This document summarises the proformas agreed by UTC which will build up into the new programme specification. The proformas also reflect the work which will structure departments' pedagogy roll-out up to August 2015, the main focus of which is the mapping of modules to 6-8 approved PLOs to create a programme map. We advise departments to use these proformas to capture the progression of project work in 2016, particularly when mapping modules.  The document asks you to think about the following elements when mapping to the approved 6-8 PLOs:
    - Stage-level progression
    - Programme structure
    - Mapping summative assessment
    - Mapping module contributions to the PLOs
    - Explanations for programme and assessment design
  • Programme Mapping and Enhancement Plan (PDF , 1,232kb)


Pedagogy Implementation Timescale 2016-17 - up-to-date timescale outlining the key dates and milestones for postgraduate and undergraduate roll-out.


UTC approval of UG programmes' alignment with the York Pedagogy, Autumn 2016: Briefing note for departments on UTC approval Autumn 2016 (PDF , 520kb)

Postgraduate Taught roll-out: JR Memo to HoDs and ChBoS Sept 2016 (PDF , 177kb)