For issues or problems which go beyond your experience or knowledge, signpost your supervisee to other sources of help, advice and support.

Session checklist

To help signpost your supervisee, we advise:


By being able to signpost your supervisees to the right professional support or sources of information, you will be helping them to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Whether self-help resources or professional services, getting the appropriate support early improves the chances of students staying at the University and doing well in their studies, promoting both retention and academic success.
  • You can offer reassurance about help available and explain what to expect from the various University student support services. This should encourage your students to seek the right help to maintain their studies or get them back on track if they are struggling.
  • Your supervisees will not know the University as well as you do, especially first year students. By directing them to support for all aspects of their life at university, you can help them make the most of their time at York and achieve their full potential, both academically and personally.
  • Being aware of support available means you will be more confident in referring any issues, problems or requests for information to the right people and services – students then benefit from the professional support or advice on offer much quicker.