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Timetabled lecture capture

Briefing Session [Replay Capture]

Timetabled Lecture Capture is available in over 230 rooms, recording the audio of the lecturer and digital projection screen. All requests for Timetabled Lecture Capture must go through your Departmental Timetabler or

In-room guidance

What is captured

  • Recordings do not include video of the lecturer or students (except specific rooms where the lecturer has activated the Camera Capture - see below).
  • Microphones at the lectern will record audio of the lecturer. Please use the clip-on radio microphone if available. Microphones may pick up audience participation, but are not designed to do so.  Do not hold personal conversations while recording is in progress.
  • Any input to the projector is captured (including laptops and visualisers) in all rooms (except TFTI/116 which will only capture the lectern PC).
  • The lectern PC screen is always captured, regardless of whether it is the input to the projector. Do not view confidential material (eg emails) on lectern PCs during captured sessions.
  • Capture continues to record the selected source and the lectern PC even when the projection screen is blanked.

Replay+ Camera Capture

13 teaching spaces across campus are equipped with Replay+ Camera Capture for capturing board work and the demonstration bench. The camera is not activated by default. Lecturers will need to use the lectern control panel to turn on the camera. Within the room there are seating zones that will not be captured on video, these are: on each row the three seats nearest the stairs and the back five rows except where immediately in front of the camera. See in room notices.

How it works

In the session

  • Once scheduled, recordings occur automatically according to the time and venue specified on your timetable. You do not need to start or stop your recordings manually. Please note that the recording window starts 4 mins past the Timetable start time and terminates 3 mins to the end (more details):
    • Heslington West typical start time xx:04, end time xx:57.
    • Heslington East typical start time xx:34, end time xx:27.
  • You will need to familiarise yourself with the microphone set-up in the room and, if the room has a fixed microphone, ensure that you present within a couple of metres of the lectern. Some rooms have lapel mics.
  • You will need to inform everyone present in the room that the lecture audio is being recorded and where it will be made available. The recording may or may not pick up student contributions, so for clarity you will need to repeat any questions in order for them to be recorded.

After the session

  • Your recording will be published automatically to students, usually within a few hours, via your Yorkshare VLE module site. You can opt to hold your recording for you to edit if you prefer, but you will need to inform your students that recordings will not be available straight away.
  • Students will access recordings through the Yorkshare VLE or a link that you provide by email. They will need to log in with their University username and password. We can also secure your recordings to just the staff and students on your Yorkshare module site.
  • Recordings work on most web browsers and mobile devices. There is also the option for you to let students download recordings for use offline.

Further information

Please send requests for Replay to For general queries and reporting issues with captures contact