Replay lecture capture

Introducing Panopto

Click the 'Replay Content' link in VLE sites to access captures

Replay has moved. All links to and EchoCenters will cease to work on 31 July 2016.

Access recordings using the Replay Content link in your Yorkshare VLE module site or log in to Replay Panopto.

Service update

During July-August 2016 the Replay lecture capture service will be migrating to a new platform called Panopto. Lecture captures will now be accessed via the Replay Content link in your Yorkshare VLE module site or by logging in to Replay Panopto (go to Browse > All Folders on the left). Staff and students can use either way to access their captures.

Please see guidance for the new Replay Panopto system:

Updated student guides will be available shortly.

Re-linking captures

From the 31 July 2016 links to the old Replay service will no longer work. This includes:

  • Links to EchoCenters via the Yorkshare VLE or direct URLs.
  • Links to individual captures via the Yorkshare VLE or direct URLs.
  • Staff interface at

The E-Learning Development Team will be moving content to the new system and re-linking within Yorkshare. This may take some time, but we expect to complete the migration mid-September. However, if you have created direct links elsewhere, for example your own website, you will need to re-link the captures yourself. You will only be able to do this after the content has been migrated, but you can request prioritisation of this content by contacting

Further advice

We are migrating our Replay lecture capture system as a result of our tender exercise for an institutional platform. Panopto offers an improved user experience, with excellent capture quality and integration with the Yorkshare VLE. Our move to Panopto will enable us to support more rooms on campus for timetabled lecture capture and a more flexible platform for video-based learning resources. Further information on the tender process.

If you have any questions about the migration process, please contact