‌‌‌Maths Skills Centre

The Maths Skills Centre provides University-wide support for maths learning, independently complementing what departments already provide.  The Centre offers support for all members of the University who wish to ask questions in an impartial environment dedicated to mathematics and statistics learning.

For queries, please contact the maths-skills-centre@york.ac.uk.


The Centre is on the first floor of the Harry Fairhurst Building on Heslington West and in the Ron Cooke Hub on Heslington East.

Our web pages are at: www.york.ac.uk/maths-skills-centre

Drop-in sessions

Students can visit during drop-in hours, five days a week, without any appointment to:

  •  explore and be guided to online resources
  •  use the Centre’s textbooks, leaflets and guides
  •  work individually or in groups on mathematics problems
  •  seek advice from the on-duty tutor

A smaller number of drop-in sessions are also held on the Heslington East campus during term-time. 

Appointment sessions

The Centre offers bookable appointments at set times for up to an hour of one-to-one advice.  This is particularly helpful for more involved queries needing detailed discussion.

Postgraduate statistics workshops

The Maths Skills Centre delivers a series of four postgraduate statistics workshops for students who want a refresher of basic statistics. The workshop series is delivered several times throughout the academic year so students can sign up when it best meets their needs. The workshops cover:

  •  An Introduction to SPSS
  •  Descriptive Statistics and Exploratory Analysis
  •  Graphs and Measures of Association
  •  Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing

These are useful for students who have not studied statistics, or have not studied statistics for some time. 

Staff may also attend. To book onto any of this terms workshops please visit the Target Conect Calendar.  Some staff have reported difficulties booking onto the workshops via Target Connect, so if you're unable to then please get in touch by emailing maths-skills-centre@york.ac.uk  and we can book you directly.

Online resources

The Maths Skills Centre also sources and creates online resources for frequently asked questions. The following online resources are accessible:

  • Mathcentre and Mathtutor videos
  • HELM workbooks
  • Geogebra dynamic graph plotting
  • Wolfram Alpha equation manipulation and solving
  • Centre-produced videos (Lagrange Mulitipliers is live, others to follow)
  • statstutor


To be confirmed for 2018-19